Guarantee for Top 25 App Store Placement – something smells Fishy

I though twice about making this post public… until some developers in some social groups contacted me privately revealing how apprankingmany of them had been burned out by APP MARKETING MAGIC COMPANIES that promise top 25 app store placement…. yes GUARANTEED .
Here is the deal. I can’t care less what people offer out there, what hurts me, makes me upset, is when people sell hype and when they take advantage of people ignorance.
That…. that makes me upset.
When app marketing companies promise you the WORLD without asking YOU to be accountable of your own app success, then you know something is broken.
So I received an email from an App marketing company that I have never heard off Gameberry Inc (sorry no link from me to these guys) .…. offering a guarantee top 25…. so instead of deleting the email I decided to call them and record the conversation.
I had 3 phone calls. First 2 phone calls I played the game, 3d phone call I confronted them about the way they “sold the idea”
I don’t want to claim they are scamming people, but I believe developers need to do their own maths.
Anyone that offers guarantee top ranking in the app store is just …. well…  you tell me.
Here is the podcast, enjoy (double disclaimer: Audio is not the best… but hey! I was calling KOREA so I guess you will forgive me right?)