ASO and App Marketing Consultant
ASO and App Marketing Consultant

Gabriel Machuret, "the ASO guy"

Hello there! I’m Gabriel Machuret, the face behind ASO Professional. My journey began much before ASO was a buzzword. With over 100 apps optimized, international speaking gigs under my belt, and the highest enrolled ASO course to date, I’ve been around the block and back in the app marketing world. Now, I’m here to take your app from the sidelines to the spotlight.

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What Can I do For You


Dream of seeing your app climb the charts? That’s where I come in. With a personalized ASO strategy, we’ll tune up your app to catch the eye of both app stores and users.

  • Custom ASO strategy: A game plan tailored just for your app.
  • Keyword research and optimization: Finding the right words to get you noticed.
  • Conversion optimization: Turning app store visits into downloads.
  • Performance analysis: Honest feedback on how your app is doing and where we can take it.

Search Ads

Let’s cut through the crowd and get your app right in front of your target audience with Search Ads. It’s about smart advertising that speaks to the right people.

  • Tailored ad campaigns: No scattergun approach, just focused advertising.
  • Performance tracking: Straight talk on how your ads are performing.
  • Optimization: Tweaking campaigns for better results, every step of the way.

App Marketing & CRO

We won’t stop at ASO and ads. Let’s amp up your app’s allure with solid app marketing and CRO strategies. It’s all about creating a buzz and keeping users happy.

  • Creative optimization: Jazzing up your app store listing to grab attention.
  • In-app optimization: Making sure users enjoy every moment with your app.
  • User acquisition and retention: Building a community that loves your app as much as you do.
Skills / Experiences
Skills / Experiences

Some brags, some cool events

Cool Brags


First ASO Book ever published

ASO Ninja


Best selling ASO Book ever Published

- The ASO Bible


First ASO Course Published

Udemy Best Seller



App Summit Speaker

- London


ASO in China


ASO Conference

- Singapore


Thailand first App Marketing Conference

- Bangkok

Latest Projects
Latest Projects

Take A Look at some ASO Projects

Over 200 apps int the last 8 years, from Unicorns, to startups to world famous apps you use daily, here are some of my favourite clients. 

All Trails

For AllTrails, a premier hiking and outdoor app, I honed in on ASO strategies, refining keyword selection and enhancing visual appeal. The result? A noticeable boost in app store visibility, driving more adventurers to discover and engage with AllTrails’ expansive trail network.



For zIP, we embarked on a deep-dive ASO audit, identifying key opportunities to elevate its prominence within app store search results. Our tailored strategies focused on optimizing the app’s metadata, visuals, and user reviews.


SAGE Accounting Services

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At Lifesum, a leading health and nutrition app, I served as the ASO manager for a dynamic six-month stint. I spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of their app store strategies, delving into keyword optimization, visual enhancements, and user engagement tactics.



For Showpo, a trend-setting fashion e-commerce app, I refined their ASO approach, sharpening keyword targeting and optimizing visuals. This tailored strategy elevated Showpo’s app store presence, attracting a larger, fashion-forward audience and driving increased app engagement and sales.


Insight Timer

For Insight Timer, the acclaimed meditation and sleep app, we carried out a rigorous ASO audit, unearthing potential areas to amplify its presence and drive organic app installs.



For ScripBox, we executed a comprehensive ASO audit, identifying actionable areas to enhance their app’s visibility and download rates. A meticulous Search Ads audit unveiled untapped potentials, fine-tuning their ad campaigns for maximized user acquisition.

ASO case studies2


or FreshBooks, a leading cloud-based accounting software, we conducted a comprehensive ASO audit, pinpointing avenues to enhance its visibility and user acquisition in app stores. We crafted tailored ASO strategies to optimize their app listings, increasing organic downloads


The Healthy Mummy

We conducted a detailed ASO analysis, identifying avenues for better app store visibility. Using split testing, we methodically evaluated and fine-tuned the app’s visuals and descriptions to best resonate with potential users



Conducted an extensive audit of Voodoo’s diverse gaming portfolio, identifying key ASO optimization areas. Uncovered specific opportunities to elevate their presence across app stores. Further enriched Voodoo’s ASO team capabilities through targeted training, ensuring adaptability and sustained growth in the dynamic app ecosystem. Voodoo is now positioned for heightened success.


Red Bull

For the RedBull Wingsuit game, we delved into a meticulous ASO audit, spotlighting opportunities to boost game visibility within app store searches. Our analysis of their Search Ads provided insights into optimizing ad spend, ensuring a greater reach to the target gaming audience.


Edison Mail

We conducted a thorough ASO audit for Edison Mail, pinpointing key areas for growth. Our detailed Search Ads audit highlighted potential avenues to maximize user acquisition. Utilizing CRO strategies, we successfully optimized user conversions and streamlined the user experience.

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