App Store Optimization update May 23th

Quick recap of the Vide updteo:
A lot more about ASO out there.. but not solid content.
It seems that the ASO industry is achieving some tiny level of maturity but at the same time the content we find out there seems shallow… and without a lot of “substance”
Best Article of the week? From my dear Grasshopper David Janner
Doing ASO but Take your time
Yep, we all want those perfect keywords for our apps, but nobody is taking the time to analyze the results and to be brave to face potential defeat. It seems to be many developers once they don’t achieve the right ranking on their first try with ASO… they blame ASO 😉 and then they give up – pretty fast.
May be is not just you baby 😉
Also it’s important to understand it may not be “just you” … if you just updated keywords, optimized your app and you seem to loose ranking…. wait for 2 days before starting to cry. It may be just a matter of the App store doing another crazy update or dance….  in many cases drops in ranking are normal… so relax a little.