App Store Optimization for Google Play – You are doing it Wrong

I love talking about ASO, but when I talk about App store optimization for Google Play I get a nice feeling in my belly.
Well… is Google!!! and the more we deal with Google the more messy things are and the most confusing things get. But the reason why I love ASO for Google Play is when I realized how little other people really understand of WHAT pulls ranking in Google Play.
You see, we all talk about it, but how many are doing active experiments, how many people are looking at those factors that Google may NOT TALK ABOUT.
Understanding how the algorithm works in Google Play is vital… and to do that you need to understand how GOOGLE itself works.
Apps don’t rank for magic and Google Play is not a brand new algorithm, in fact it’s just a little cousin from the big bad Google Algorithm… many rules apply and in fact many weak spots are easy to find.
In this podcast I talk about how to optimize your app for Google Play and real action you can take to achieve this.