Why App store Optimization is Magic ! Yes. 100% MAGIC!

Yes. ASO it’s magic. You see, you just pay for some ASO services, and you just relax.
Usually the best way to relax is to go to the beach (Fiji is better) and have a cold beer… and wait for those magic magic list of keywords.
Once you have that, then just change the list of keywords and wait… wait 2, 3 days and BOOM! Traffic! Leads! Customers! Downloads!!!
Yes my friends, App store optimization is the new magic potion and the way of doing proper app store optimization is a DARK SCIENCE .. nobody really knows the “inner secrets” only a few “lucky” or “chosen ones” .
You see it doesn’t really matter if you are lazy, or if your app is utter-cr*p or if you really don’t care about your audience, market or Magic-Pillyour brand, ASO is the perfect solution for anyone that want’s a quick solution…. in fact the only requirement you need is money in PayPal so you can pay someone like me.
Once you pay me (or any of the other ASO JEDI MASTERS out there) the success of your app business is 100% guarantee, and your only concern is to find a good accountant that can keep up with the huge profits you are going to make.
Fantastic, don’t you think?

  • Finally a marketing strategy that you can outsource 100%.
  • Finally a solution that doesn’t care if your app is good or not.
  • Finally a way for you to skip accountability.
  • Finally that silver bullet you have been looking for….

that solution where you just pay someone and that someone can make your business succeed while you watch another episode of Revenge or go to another stupid level of Candy Crush Saga.
Forget about social media then…. who really cares about building an audience?
Forget about reaching people in your same niche… is a long process and you need to “pretend” you care about what they have to say… (don’t bother)
Forget about SEO, Google at the end of the day doesn’t bring a lot of traffic…..
Forget about building a landing page, websites are over-rated and expensive these days
Forget about getting a proper icon for your app…. why bother when you can buy an icon for $5 in Fiverr?
Don’t bother with Screenshot design, you can always take the screenshot design yourself and just upload as it is.
Yep….  stop reaching for review sites.. they are all trying to steal your money….
and don’t even bother doing YouTube videos because YouTube is only for dancing cats and people ranting about life….
is time to do only one thing ASO.
App store optimization is the press-now-pay-now solution you have been looking for.
Once is done, you are done and you can go back and do another app that doesn’t require tuning up, fixing or improving…. and the best part is, you don’t have to pay an ASO professional like me.
No way! you can outsource it! Head to odesk and put a bid for $17 for someone to fix the issue and just wait for the flood of traffic landing to your page.
iOS? Android? Nokie? Windows? Who cares….!!!!
Whatever you have done is awesome and you don’t need to improve a thing. Success in the app store is your right and you deserve to crush the competition even if you don’t care who your competitors are or how much work they are putting RIGHT now in improving the app.
Because making money with apps is easy, and this is not a business is a money making scheme and ASO… app store optimization is that magic pill that makes everything PINK in your app life… is that magic pill that bring those green dollars landing in your account.
Right? Did u feel the sarcasm already?