App Center Optimization already getting a bad name

I found today this kind of funny article from Owen Thomas from Business insider forecasting the new ACO (app center optimization) as the next source of charlatans , scam artist and snake-oil salesman. It’s funny because during many years as an SEO consultant I met, and read articles like the one of Owen.
Articles that their main job is to b*tch about one industry or another one, trying to label every single individual, company or professional as a “charlatan”.
It’s kind of funny because these type of article show how little “expert-writers” really know about what they are talking about and how easily and great to get tweets and traffic it’s to trash any type of industry, trend or market.
My point of view?
Don’t cover a book for it’s cover… although ACO is not my field, I believe the fact you put SEO, ASO and ACO in the same bag, really showcase how little Mr Owen Thomas really knows about how much ASO is changing and how much SEO has improved towards quality content in the last years.
The best thing of this article? The comment of one of his readers.

Agreed, especially since Business Insider is actively trying to rank for things (which is why one can only assume they would be using the long-dead “meta keywords”) like “App Center Optimization.” How very pot-kettle-black of them!
Like any profession, there will be snake-oil salesmen and legit professionals. Owen would do good to remember that.