What exactly is ASO? App store optimization

ASO or app store optimization is the new “art” , “science” ,method to optimize apps to rank higher in the App Store from Apple and/or in Google play for Android.
ASO obviously comes from SEO but the difference with Search Engine Optimization, ASO it’s a bit newer and although many of the SEO premises remain, many rules are completely different.
The interesting point of ASO is that it’s a fresh and new concept and studying ASO at this exact moment, feels like learning SEO in the late 90’s. It’s a brand new world out there and many app developers still don’t understand what are the factors and elements that come in place when optimizing Apps.
My objective with this blog is to keep en eye to the world of ASO and try to follow up the latest changes, the new trends and the way Google Play and the App store may change or modify their algorithms.
Although I don’t believe I’m an EXPERT, I have studied the algorithm, ranking factors and app ASO tools for a while and I hope this blog can teach as much as possible about how to optimize apps and even more important how to get your apps ranking higher in different stores.