App Store search algorithm changes once again.

This week has been an active week for Apple doing quiet a few changes in the App store with the search algorithm and many developers are scratching their heads wondering if the changes benefit or affected their App store Optimization strategy.
As many of you know Apple purchased Appchomp and in the last week it seems they are trying to implement some of the Appchomp algorithm in the App store. But like any new update or algorithm change things hasn’t gone 100% according to plans and already many app developers are not happy with the way the App store has left their ASO plans.
Mainly this change by Apple makes ranking for Titles + keywords more complicate, by the algorithm ignoring potential combinations between the App name and the keyword.

So if your app was has the title: Flying Car and your keywords where fast, amazing, magic… you are not going to rank for Amazing Car , mainly because the combination of Keyword in the title and keyword in the “keyword field” will not trigger the algorithm any more.
Although many developers are already crying and claiming that Apple is fighting against ASO (or SEO for Apps) it seems to me App developers are not familiar with progressive roll-outs of algorithm changes, like when Google launch Panda or Penguin.
Usually algorithm modifications are done in stages and this could be just one step towards playing with relevancy and trying to implement more of the Chomp algorithm into play for Google store users.
We will have to wait and see.