What is App Store Optimization 101 - Show #1

What is App Store Optimization 101- Show #1

What is ASO In 2020?

 ASO has changed drastically over the years. The main question back then was, “What the hell does the App store want?” You dealt mainly with “guesstimates,” and keywords easily got high search volumes because there was no competition and few people searching. 

Today, we ask, “What are people looking for? and how are they looking for it?” We now deal with optimising or improving the possibilities of getting organic traffic in the different app stores by covering more search terms. 

This is not as easy – do the search terms we want exist in the app store and will it receive the traffic we expect? We also want to find out – via ASO – how much actual organic traffic is out there for our chosen keywords. And of course, also via ASO, how can we get that traffic and outrank the competition. 

It is a much more complex and professional process that is well worth doing for its precise results and ROI implications. 


What is ASO in 2020

ASO is much more complex today than 2014 or 2015.

Today, it is made up of many different factors that contribute to how the app stores ranks us vs other apps. These include keyword research, reviews, download (and uninstall) velocity, sandboxing, and the authority of our own app. 

If you are serious about turning your app into a success, ASO is something you need to do.

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Keyword Research

The core of ASO... what is Keyword research and what do we need to think about , when we are doing it


Screenshot Optimization

How to increase conversions by working on our Screenshots, strategies, examples, case studies.


Icon Optimization

Do you love your icon? Great, but what about the public... and even more important how do you compete vs other apps?


Competition Analysis

How good is your ASO compared to others? can you outrank them? What are they ranking for?


Search Ads

Learn how to maximize your Search Ads strategy and improve ASO by mastering Apple Search Ads


Market Research

ASO not only give us an advantage to rank higher but also help us to understand the market and even come up with new app ideas.


Social Media

Learn how Social Media affects ASO and overall ranking in the App store


Black Hat ASO

ASO also have the dark side, in this section I discuss what Black HAT ASO is, and the type of naughty things others are doing.


ASO Tools

What is the best ASO tool out there? Let me review them for you and save you tons of $$$



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Advanced ASO Strategies

Keyword Research for Big boys and Girls... things to keep in mind when we are tyring to take ASO to the next level.


Google Play

App Store Optimization for Google Play.... how to do it, what to keep in mind and how to achieve top results

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