Please dont' call App store Optimization an Art !

Oh boy, I have seen many articles popping everywhere know talking about ASO as a “new art”
ASO is an art….
Gosh…. because calling things like an ART makes them more “romantic” and complicate, right?
Mmm it reminds me a bit like in SEO, where SEO still is consider an art… that will take “many years to master”.
OK. So let’s be straight here, this is not an ART, it’s a system, is a routine, it’s a series of steps.
It can be learned.

Art can’t be learned. (or at least no without talent)
Just like you learn to code, or you learn Spanish… you can learn ASO.
The important point is not to over complicate the whole idea of optimizing apps.
The reality is: it’s easier to learn and easier to implement than SEO, and there is not a lot of technical knowledge or a steep learning curve to really understand what’s it’s involve.
So next time you think about ASO, think about it as an area of App Marketing and not art.
We are not artists… we are ASO professionals 😉