New Mobile Action Localization Feature – Choosing your Market

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App Store Localization is the process of “Internationalizing” an app, or providing multiple versions that each serve up for a specific language. There is a technical process involved here, and for those of you who care, it deals mainly with creating Localization Targets in Xcode and is not a small operation. This renders the text in your app in the appropriate language based on your device’s language settings
NOTE: You may also provide new images if you have any language on those images.
Just so you know, the best languages to localize an app for are (other than English):

  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

I based it on my research and on a number of devices in each market along with some other factors.
However, it will be costly if you will have your app localized in all of these languages. You need to hire translators, designers and pay a premium for ASO experts.

So what to do?

First, think about, the overall size of the market. Also, take note of the App category, competitors, local pricing structures, the app stores, and lastly their capabilities. As always, research is the key. Whatever platform you’re working on, you should study the market to see which languages have the largest target market for your app. In iOS, usually this is Chinese and Japanese (not always the case), but for Android, it’s also necessary to add others to gain similar market share.
Discovering which markets to target could cost you a heap of time and money, so don’t take costly shortcuts.
This is where Mobile Action comes in handy. It has this new Localization feature that can determine which countries the type of your app needs to target.
This latest feature can be found in the Recommended Actions section of the Mobile Actions’ dashboard. It aggregates app store data (views and conversions) and filters it through a geographic lens. This will enable you to pinpoint specific markets that will convert well. So far, this is the only drilled-down localization feature available on the market, so get excited for stronger, actionable insights that will surely translate into increased conversions and improved ROI.
It also checks the competition. This app analytics tool can help you track competitors’ localization efforts so you’d be able to identify markets with less competition. This tool provide country data and competitor intelligence in verticals, which makes it easy for you to study and evaluate the results.

Here’s How It Works

Upon signing-up and you have integrated your account, Mobile Action will pull the stats on the app store page. It will show you the App Store views, downloads, conversion rates, and % downloads. By analyzing these data, you’d be able to determine which markets are converting well and which are getting views, but not converting to downloads. To put it simply, this feature will tell you which markets you must target. Not only does it help you determine where to expand next, it can also help predict ROI.
In the Recommended Actions section, you can also see what percentage of your daily views and downloads are coming from each country before you expand to other markets. It also provides the best estimate on your localization ROI based on the total number of your app’s daily downloads and its conversion rate. The localization feature (BETA) is now available today in all levels of Mobile Action plans — as long as your account is integrated.


Localization can be daunting, and Mobile Action’s new localization feature is a great way to get started. In no time, you will be saving yourself a great deal of time, money and worries. With a quick translation job, aso strategy, and a little work in the app store, you can get a foothold in markets around the world—and see where your app might take off.
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Questions about this new localization feature? Or extra advice from your own experiences in localizing app store descriptions? Let me know today, contact me and tell me what are your challenging with ASO at the moment.

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