Time to get ready for iOS 8 – App store optimization

Are we ready for Panda? Are we ready for Armagedon…. ???areyouready
may be iOS 8 will not have such a big effect in the way we find and optimize apps….
But in case we need to refresh some points, let’s review what we need to know and understand about iOS 8 and how it will affect the way we search in the App Store.
This videos were created BEFORE the launch of iOS8 … and if you are an IOS developer you need to really start making a plan of action to what to expect before the launch of iOS8 – if you want to learn more about iOS 8 , You can pre-buy my next ASO Course for IOS 8 …

So what can we expect?

What else?

Related Terms

This is a normal step… and clearly not a very original idea of Mr Apple Engineers … but valid and good for keyword research.


Trends will have a huge impact in the way that we research and in this video I explain why exactly….

Video Trailers

App Bundles

How new iOS 8 Apple Bundles Will affect discoverability

Screenshot Optimization

New Screenshots means new Ninja insane tactics we can use to get more attention…

How ASO will work in Videos?

Exploring Apps and Navigation in iOS 8

How To Optimize Bundles????

Conspiracy Theory about iOS 8 – Gab’s Theory

(This is just my theory … therefor don’t believe a word I’m saying)

Do you need to re-optimize your apps?
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