App store optimization case study: We think you are stupid

Yes… app marketing companies think you are stupid. Period.

The way it works is this:
We give you fancy graphics, we sell you amazing statements, we describe our services as super powers… and you… you dear future client… well you simply believe it.
We put logos all over our website… we tell you how amazing we are and how we have we have unique technology that will fix all your ASO problems… and you, you Sir/Madame … you Mr decision maker person behind an app publisher… you WILL believe us.

And the way we do is by using MARKETING

And as part of the marketing…  we help to increase your stupidity.
Yes: Our case studies make you more stupid than ever… because we don’t want to educate you… we want to sell you stuff, services, products, we want that you buy from us, regardless if the statements in our website are TRUE OR FALSE.
Who cares right?
Who really checks case studies?

Well, I do.toogood
So when I saw in the SAME month… another strange post about a magical App store optimization case study (No link I’m afraid – watch the video instead) … I had to analyze what was going on….
– How amazing are these guys ???? !!!! – I though…  These guys are are just simply ASO Ninjas…..

Well… I was wrong…(pity!)

Watch the video and learn why it’s better to THINK before BUY

Lessons to learn:
Your app ranks already for keywords. Trust me
Apps don’t rank magically for one main keyword thanks to ASO
Your app has already organic traffic. Although you know how much is coming from organic traffic or not… is a different store.
Track your ranking BEFORE hiring an ASO company….
If the ASO companies brags about how good they are… mmm stop and wonder why do they need to brag about it.