How to perform ASO Analysis of Your Competitors

It’s true that if it can be measured, then you can improve it. In App Store Optimization, measurement is vital to success. Professional ASOs track data about keyword rankings to help analyze their ASO strategy and create road maps for their success.
Most ASO experts use keyword ranking analysis tools to track where their apps are ranking in the App Store Search Pages (ASSP) for target keywords. It gives them insights on how well their app store optimization efforts are faring against their competitors as well as how well those rankings are progressing over time.
This 2016, even though ASO rankings without traffic and conversions are meaningless, it all starts with keyword rankings. If your apps or games don’t rank, nobody finds them. And the higher your app’s rank, the more potential traffic and ROI you can grab.
Yeah, It’s hard to optimize for specific behaviors of app store search engines, because their algorithms aren’t shared to the public. But a combination of ASO tactics has proven effective, and new information is always emerging to help track the variables that influence ASOranking, and fluctuations in ASO ranking signals. You can even use the App Store Listings themselves to gain an advantage by structuring clever queries and by exploiting all the information these App Stores have published. You can employ what you learn from these ASO techniques, in conjunction with a reliable ranking analysis tools and ASO education, to formulate a strategy or valuable plan for optimizing your app.
Yeah, there is a lot paid and free ranking analysis tools out there that help ASOs track keyword rankings. Some are free, and some are paid. In writing this post, I did my own research, so I’d be able to recommend you the most reliable keyword ranking tool for ASO. And guess what it is? It’s

What is AppMind?

Developed by founded by Alex Rozenberg, is an ASO (App Store Optimization) Keyword ranking analysis tool that can reveal your app’s hidden Keywords. It can also help improve your App Store Search Rankings by tracking search positions, analyzing your competitors, and translating keywords into App Store’s Most Popular Foreign Languages. Moreover, it also features real-time email notifications about search rankings.
AppMind features:

  • Determine iOS and Google Play App’s Active Keywords
  • Track App Store and Google Play’s Search Rankings in Real Time
  • Closely Monitor and Analyze your App’s Competitors


Why Use AppMind?

I am a big believer in using AppMind’s services. However, you should bear in mind that this tool should NEVER be used as your standalone metric for measuring App Store Optimization success.  Got it? OK so let’s continue.
Tracking your ASO ranking for the keywords relevant to your app over time is good primarily for two reasons:
AppMind is the most basic of the keyword ranking tools I’ve ever tested. It’s fast and powerful, and an excellent alternative to the other paid ASO rank tracking tools if all you want to do is run a quick check of keywords without downloading or installing any software.
The keyword analysis results return a snapshot of your App Store Search Pages (ASSP) listing. I must say that it is a blue collar, no frills ASO tool for anyone, even for ASO beginners who want to monitor their position in the App Stores on the fly.
It has a range of advanced reporting features, allowing users to track not just the keyword rankings but also your competition in the App Store Search Pages. For me, having historical, competitive ranking intelligence for my ASO keywords is a huge advantage.
Like other ASO tools,  it has scheduling, reporting, and exporting features, so you would be able to get the most comprehensive, one-stop shopping for complete ASO keyword ranking and tracking analysis.
This tool also goes through the App Store Listings and compare your app against your competitors. This is imperative for ASO purposes as it can be used to measure your app’s performance. With this, you would be able to find the answers to these important questions:

  • Is your app better optimized for keywords or your competitors?
  • Are your competitors targeting in on very useful keywords that you are not targeting in on?
  • Have you noticed an ASO problem that you can correct?


It’s really crucial to review your app’s keyword rankings as well as your competitors rankings to see what works for them, what doesn’t work, and what keywords they are targeting. By regularly reviewing this metric, you would be able to come up with a list of changes that are essential to make to your app.
But then again, just knowing the numbers is not enough. You need to interpret effectively and apply changes to course-correct your ASO Strategy. In my future post, I will provide a sample of some of the most common directional signals along with some suggestions on how to capitalize on and respond to them.
Additional Reminders:

  • In identifying your ASO problem, you need to be the culprit and investigate. Visit ASO forums or Quora, and Google’s Groups for help.
  • Don’t ever panic over small changes in rankings or fluctuations. However, for large drops, be wary of making a judgment call until few days have passed. If you run a new app/game or are in the process of promoting or marketing, these sudden changes or spikes are common. Just be prepared and continue working.

Do you use a different keyword ranking analysis tool? How do you make ASO Analysis of your competitors? I would really love to hear from you!

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