Google Play Marketing Advice for App Developers and Marketers

Okay, this time, let’s talk about how to market your Android app on the Google Play Store. We’ve already discussed how to market an Android app using Instagram, and here are few other tips that you, app marketers or developers, should also take note of.

Research and Build a Great Android App

We’ve already talked about this in my previous post. It’s about understanding your users before you even write your first line of code. You have to know your target audience – why they would download your app and what they would want from it, with both quantitative and qualitative research. This marketing research has to guide your app development.
Users have lots of apps installed on their mobile and don’t use them all for a very long time. Your goal is to make it a lot easier for them by not expecting them to wait long loading or downloading times nor go through the complicated process. To put it simply, you need an Android app that comes with great features, an intuitive or user-friendly UI and a fast loading app.
So what basically you need to do? Well, build your app based on your marketing research, and iterate to improve until it is published on the App Store.

Monetize Your App

Next step is to think of ways on how to monetize your app. But then again, it’s something you need to address or think about early. For each of your apps, you must find out what monetization works best: it might be via targeted ads but it might not be. Researching on your target user base can help you with that, as well.
If you decide to go for a paid app, Google advises you to start with a higher price point so you can later bring the price down and do some promos or discounts. You may also go for a hybrid model with different kinds of monetization options (ads with in-app purchases for example).

Build an Awesome Marketing Plan

This for me is a no brainer. It goes for almost everything and it is common sense. But hey, take note of this, it’s really important: “Don’t invest in a weak product”.
In your app store page (Google Play Store) you need to have a good copy that will entice your users to download your app. You also need a promotional image, screenshots, and so on. You must also explain what your app is all about and what differentiates it from your competitors. Also, give them a call to action (what they’re supposed to do and how). And just like for any other apps on the App Store, you have to iterate on your marketing strategy and keep doing what works best.
Here is how Google advises you on how to build your marketing plan:
Build a solid marketing plan for your Android app
For your social media strategy, you need a multi-channel approach with cross-promotion, press releases, and you need to talk to authoritative writers and Android-specific bloggers.
According to Patrick Mork – a good PR is one of the most underrated things in this mobile and marketing industry: talk to the press, send them your apks, create your own blog, etc. Have these people write about your apps. An interesting tip that he gave is that getting lots of users to write reviews about your app improves your search rankings in the Google Play Store. Meaning, it will provide you with more traffic, with more users visiting your app on the Google Play Store page, and you also get ranked better!
You can even A/B Test your Android app creatives to determine which one works better. You should need to put the word out about your app before its launch.
Patrick also noted that building a free trial or a free version is also a good option because it allows users to try your app before they buy (some users just bought a mobile device or the first time and they don’t even know you).
How Android users make their decision
You Brand is critical and in App Store Optimization. This is why you should create assets like app icons, screenshots, promotional graphics, promotional videos and a good description that will give users who have not downloaded your app yet, and idea on what it’s like to actually use your app. Having a promotional video might not give you more downloads, but it will raise your brand awareness.
Moreover, Patrick talked about your how to distribute Android apps and insisted on the importance of mobile device coverage. Here, he discussed that you have to know what are the most popular devices to date. You must also consider other distribution channels than Google Play: as there are many commercial channels that make sense for you (iOS, Amazon, Windows). He even said that you need an iOS version of your app!
Hope this little summary and marketing advice were useful to you and your peers. Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts.

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