How To Determine If Influencer Marketing is Right for You

If you are into app marketing, reaching with customers has become incredibly challenging. There I said it.
It’s with the sheer number of  “flash in the pan” app marketing practices have somehow made their way into brands only to leave you in frustration. The amount of knowledge and data available today really is incredible. This is why it can be hard to filter out the clever advice from that which is better left undiscovered.
Recently, a lot of brands started saying: “we need to be on social! ” so many companies jumped at the chance and signed up for every social media platforms. Then, when people said: “we need ads”, it led to a huge boost in a number of ads created and even today 75% of marketers plan to create more ads this year than the year before.
While it can be very tempting to jump on the bandwagon, dig your teeth into every new tactic, because well, everyone else is doing it. It is essential that you take a step back and consider various options – it should be the right fit for your customers, for your brand, and for your message.
Influencer marketing is no exception. When this is implemented correctly,  it can help you accomplish everything from building awareness to developing trust with your current and potential customers.
If any of the following pains sound like what you are experiencing, then most likely, influencer marketing might be a welcome addition to your app marketing strategy.
Trust me, it’s difficult. As an app owner, you need to have a clear strategy to promote your app. With more brands targeting the same audience, you need to strategize on how to reach these more consumers faster.
Take it from me. Influencer marketing may not work for you.
So, how do you ensure that you’re not wasting time with influencer marketing?

Mass Appeal Factor
Before considering influencer marketing as your option to reach out to your customers, you need to determine whether or not your app will interest enough consumers.
Remember that every app is different — and it must be popular to be successful. These are simple tips on how to gauge an app’s appeal:

  • How often do you see your app mentioned or featured online?
  • How many similar apps are already in the market?
  • Does your app have a broad demographic appeal?
  • Will your consumers feel excited to know more about your app?

This is critical because when you’re connecting with influencers if everything goes well, you’ll be exposing your app to thousands if not millions of people at the same time.
But if your app is niche driven, then the whole idea of leveraging on this marketing tactic may be futile. Why? It’s  a clear indication that you can’t meet up with the demand, as it were.
More importantly, you also need to determine the marketability factor of your app. For example, if you have an e-commerce or a shopping app, then it will interest a lot of people. Video and mobile inspired games like the “GOT” Game of Thrones, equally have a mass appeal.
App Design Factor
Design plays a huge role in branding. Of course, you can use social media channels to improve your brand, but design comes first.
According to Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan from the Harvard Business Review:
“Social media makes it more urgent than ever, that companies get the basics right, developing and reliably delivering on a compelling brand promise.”

A professional design allows your consumers to easily recognize your brand. Also, it meets the following goals:

  • Communicating a clear value proposition
  • Proves your credibility
  • Creates loyalty with new and existing customers
  • Connects and shares information with your customers

Whether you’re doing it in-house or using an agency, you need to get your design RIGHT! Before your app design, characters, fonts, logo, or screenshots, start with your strategy — understand your objectives, simplify your plans, and make sure that you implement them quickly.

You need a solid influencer marketing strategy to succeed in your app business. Sadly, this is where most brands and app marketers stop. They start out on the right foot, but since they don’t have a marketing strategy in place, everything gets cluttered and complicated.
Truth is, using celebrities, known bloggers, power users, and experts to promote an app is not a new idea.
Before, you could launch a full-blown influencer marketing campaign, with little or no professional design. But today it’s a different story because the competition today is a lot stronger.
Professional Look Factor
In promoting a mobile app, a good design can help you create that first impression. Why? This will educate, inspire, and influence users’ decisions.
As a result, a well-designed app can tell a memorable story — thus giving influencers various reasons to like, share, and promote your app at will.
The Over app is a perfect example. The app’s one-page website has a user-friendly interface with intuitive design. Also, the great use of video makes it fun and appealing

Social Media Presence Factor
As I mentioned earlier, social media is the lifeblood of influencer marketing. To put it simply, if you want to maximize or reach more audience, and acquire more customers, you need to have a social media presence.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to invest all your money and time on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. With a great social media strategy, you can simply automate your posts with tools, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, and more.
A social media presence will give you an advantage so that when an influencer tweets your app or retweets it, you can have an upper hand of that social proof to engage with your audience better.
Just so you know, brands spend thousands of money to drive influencer marketing success. In fact, it’s estimated that 52% of companies have a sponsored social budget for their brand.

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