ASOdesk : The Best ASO Tool in the market?

Say bye  bye to old ASO Tool = Welcome to ASOdesk

I’m working very close with ASOdesk as their consultant.
I believe in ASOdesk as the next level of ASO tools in the market and I’m proud to promote them.
Why? Because they rock, the tool is solid and it’s simply the best ASO tool in the market. 

So you have a mobile app that you need to promote (game or app) = good.
You already start looking for ASO tools, you read every single ASO blog, you buy my book, you watch my videos and now you are ready to implement ASO for your new app.
Yes.. you are ready to implement everything you learn and that’s why you join different ASO tools and then you realize that READING ABOUT ASO vs DOING ASO it’s very different.
Why? Well, when we try to apply ASO, what we learn in theory and what the results we obtain during the practice are very very different.
Then you ask yourself:  What do I need to do to attract the organic users from the app store? Which ASO tool to use? What is the best ASO strategy to take?
Well, say hello to ASOdesk. A new way to see ASO in 2017.

Why Use ASOdesk?

  1. ASOdesk it’s Accurate! (Finally an accurate ASO tool!)  ASOdesk It is a reliable ASO and mobile marketing platform. ASOdesk provides, easy to understand ASO info, good UI, fast way to do keyword research and vital information such as the number of users who come for a certain search queries per day.
    Their data is a mix of the search request suggestions in the App Store, data provided by Apple and/or Google and the result of hundred of private ASO campaigned performed by the team of
  1.  Fresh Data. Twice a week the tool updates the traffic scale, their keyword database, and the main ASO engine of the tool…  this provides fresh data to help you, the user, to monitor trends and new keyword opportunities .  (What’s trending, seasonal stuff like vocational season, new movies, tv episodes, summer/winter activities, top apps, and so much more.)

ASOdesk is not your ordinary ASO tool. It is a unique suit that does not use data from “web sources” like 95% of the competitors. Instead ASOdesk data comes from the source: from mobile… from the App stores and not from

So, what really is ASOdesk and why is it so unique?

ASOdesk is an ASO platform for keywords analytics. The PROS of ASOdesk is its unique algorithm, created by the professional mathematicians from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
It has 6 modules for the full-grown conduct of ASO strategy – from its creation to the data analysis.
Here’s a quick overview about every module.
Have you done a thorough research about anything at all and collected a semantic core? Do you know how to analyze what key request or search phrase to choose? Is it popular among the users and how tough is the competition?


In the module called Statistics, you’ll see an approximate data (maximum error is 20%) on every search phrase or key request. You’d be able to see also how many users come on the current request per day. Moreover, you will also find out which place ASOdesk’s take according to this or that request. The data update takes place once a day.

How to use

  • Estimate the keywords (Users Per Day)
  • Check and understand the competition and number of apps to the certain request
  • Monitor rankings
  • Create diagrams with the daily history of key request or search phrase
  • Upload reports in Excel


It is a key feature of ASODesk. It is a handy visual instrument for competitive tracking of your competition by the keywords. This allows you to make the right decisions as it tracks all your competitors via a visual representation that shows:

  • Track keyword ranking of your app via the Monitoring module
  • Set up the Competitors module for tracking your main competitors
  • Find what they rank and how to copy their strategy

How to use:

  • When choosing a key request or a search phrase, find out what top 10 apps can be found on this search query
  • Next step is to choose your key competitors and monitor them
  • Create diagrams with the daily history of that key request or search phrase
  • Upload the reports to Excel
  • Test, analyze, rinse and repeat


Remember, Positive reviews are  needed as it’s your key to success. It allows you to track the mood of your users and in this module you can:

  • Monitor your reviews
  • Filter the app reviews by rate or date
  • See a review history of your users for the Android apps – this will help you follow your users’ mood from one app version to the other.
  • You can also receive real-time reports via Slack and regular reports via email. Cool eh?


The Competitors module contains all your competitors’ information: who you determine for yourself and can follow their moving on the top of the app store searches. To learn by competitors’ mistakes and vice versa is to adopt their successful ASO or marketing practices.
How to use:

  • Follow your rivals or competitors via keywords
  • Monitor your app/keyword positions among the rivals
  • Find who ranks where and how strong they are vs your ASO presence.

Organic Report

Organic Report module shows:

  • The list of keywords which that shows your app in the places 1 to 30 and the visualization of the list line
  • Distribution of the installs indicator
  • Conversion from Users Per Day to the downloads
  • Total Organic History that shows the number of installs for the last 10 days

Here’s how the Organic Report looks like:
The sales funnel has 3 parts:
Users Per Day Indicator
Installs – the number of installs. Everything is done for every word.
The count of AppViews – this is based on the app’s relevance towards the keyword and the app position according to the word readout.

App Profile

The app profile will show you how the app looks like in the app store – In ASOdesk, you don’t need to switch to the iTunes Connect page or Google Developers Console and take out your mobile device to view the app, to see how it looks like in the app store.
With this feature, you’d be able to analyze the profiles of your competitors or rivals by simply staying inASOdesk platform.
There is also a bookmark feature, Similar Apps, for Android apps, where you can see all the possible opponents and add them into the Competitors module.
Again, ASOdesk is not just an analytics platform. It is a full-grown ASO platform that can allow you to work with the search requests efficiently, monitor your app reviews, your competitors’ profiles and promote the key requests or search phrases.
Overall ASOdesk is going to change the way we do ASO and I truly believe this tool is going to help me, developers, ASO consultants and ASO companies to do ASO more effective than ever.
Expect in the next days more videos and more tutorials. It’s time to re-view the way we do ASO , and I think this tool will give us a new perspective.
* And yes, I work with ASOdesk… so this article is 100% non objective. The tool rocks: period. Give it a go and if you are not happy with the results vs another ASO tool, I will eat my hat in front of you ….;)

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