Apptopia, Jonathan Kay and Smart App Marketing

if you don’t know what Apptopia is… wake up! Apptopia is mainly the top site for buying and selling apps. A unique market place where app developers can sell their apps and when smart cookies like you and me can find apps with huge potential to purchase.
Well, the idea behind Apptopia is brilliant, but the reality is that the team behind Apptopia is even more BRILLIANT. Is not about the idea is about the execution (baby!) …  and knowing how smart these guys are , I was pumped to have Mr Jonathan Kay in the App store optimization podcast .
Jonathan is a seriously cool dude, VERY SMART,  and he is REAL expert in what makes App valuable. Jonathan is the type of guy that  understands the importance of marketing, brand and buzz creation.  Expect ZERO BS and 100% practical info you need to keep in mind if you are planning to sell or purchase an app.
Are you an app developer? How much is your app worth? Time to learn from Apptopia COO.