Top 10 App Store Optimization Predictions for 2013

We all do this…. right? Predictions. So let’s go straight to the point: App store Optimization Predictions for 2013. (Yes, I know I know is a bit late Gab! You should have posted this in January the 1st!!!!!) Ok. Sorry. Shot me – right? 😉
1. ASO Tools will become from a “nice thing to have” to a must.
Regardless what you think, if you don’t have DATA, you can’t really understand what’s going on… so using tools will be a ULTRA-MUST for any developers trying to understand
a) what keyword to target
b) what their competitors are doing right, wrong
c) how competitive is their market
2. Google will win the SEARCH battle in the App Stores.
Sorry Apple I love you but Genius is not going to be the answer and Chump hasn’t change things enough in the positive way to bring a serious improvement to the huge problem of being found in the iOS world.
Google is doing SMART stuff regarding the way we find apps… you can even find apps by using Google and their FIND APPS feature (just like images, news, videos)
3. Social Will Matter…
Already Google told us… hey! we want Google + reviews. Apple now uses Facebook as a ranking signal… guess what? Social is one of those values that you can’t manipulate as easy as downloads. If the app Stores want real signs of app popularity social is the way to go.
Facebook likes and Google Plus votes will be considered the new “links” in the App store Algorithm.
4. The Death of Crappy Developers.
All those crappy developers building bulk apps trying to saturate markets, all those developers with crappy apps that really don’t care about their market audience… those developers will be wiped out by the algorithm. Although they will create tons of apps, those apps will not be found…. (and I’m glad about it)
5.  Microsoft, Nokia and Amazon App store….
Those app stores are full of opportunities for 2013… mainly their algorithms are pretty basic and the competition is less. Smart developers that do their homework properly can find huge weaknesses in different niches, making easier for them to enter these app stores and dominate with organic traffic.
Microsoft is a huge huge contender…. they have money, (tons) patience, and they have done it before….
We all laughed when they try to compete vs Playstation
and when they tried to become the 2nd most popular Search Engine.
Now look at Yahoo and Playstation… who uses Yahoo over Bing? who uses a Playstation vs an Xbox? 😉
6.  More ASO consultants offering ASO Services.
Just like me right? 😉 ASO services will become more main stream and app developers will realize that having their ASO matters in order from the start will put them in a clear advantage vs the rest.
The problem and challenge is going to be WHO TO HIRE and exactly what ARE THEY going to offer you.
7. More App store Optimization Content and Education materials
In 2012 I published ASO Ninja, becoming (I think) the first App store optimization guide out there…. well, in 2013 can expect more content and training materials being published for developers.  App store optimization is pretty extensive already and if you spend a few hours listing to my ASO podcast you can see clearly that this is not only about “reading’, training is required if you want to do ASO right.
Expect very soon my own App store Optimization Training Course baby…

8. Developers WILL wake up and SMELL the roses.

The worse enemy of developers is EGO.
I know what I’m doing.
My App rocks.
My Keywords are perfect.
We don’t need to learn about ASO
I see so many developers with apps that are making NO money based on lack of traffic and they still refuse to optimize their apps.
The theory that ASO doesn’t work is usually promoted by the big guys behind the ad networks … when in reality the people that are doing App store optimization and achieving results are laughing all the way to the bank. Ironic, huh?

9. Reviews will matter more and more towards ranking.

Constant flow of reviews will be the sign that your app is alive. – That’s it.
Downloads are nice, but guess what? You can buy downloads.  Buying reviews is a bit more challenging right?
Both algorithms understand that reviews are the best way to be sure an app is really popular, and with the integration of tools like Google +, verified reviews will have a lot more weight in the ranking algorithm of different app stores.
10. Localization will bring GOLD… serious GOLD
Move out of your comfort zone. Want to make some $ right? Then think different. Yes, I know, you want to be top for the US iTunes market, but what about Brazil? Yes… that small country with millions of users. Why not become the TOP NOCH app in Brazil and at least make enough $ to sponsor your next app.
Localization with App store optimization will be the winning formula for BRAVE developers in 2013.
Are you one of them? 😉