App Store Optimization for Google Play 2016

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If you want to learn App Store Optimization for Google Play, then you’re in luck, because in this post, I will tell you the basic things about ASO for Google Play 2016 along with some of the marketing concepts that are confusing which can be a bit counter intuitive. Also, you will learn the step by step ASO process as I will show you exactly how to optimize your Android app at the Google Play App Store.

What is ASO?

“App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app) in an app store (such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry).” ‐ Wikipedia
App Store Optimization is important these days because consumers have gone mobile! Whether you are building utilities, applications, or games you need to learn the tips to get a piece of the Google Play Store cake.

ASO 2016 Essentials For Google Play

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPXAAAAJGQxZWEwYWJmLTE3ZGMtNDg3NS04Y2MyLTgxNjQzNWNkNjlhNwThe key to successful Google Play App Store optimization is constant testing. With this in mind, it’s a must to check your Android app’s statistics on a regular basis as Google’s algorithm and conditions change quickly. Keyword optimization is very important because it’s a process that you need continually monitor all throughout the lifetime of your app.
And since no one knows the secret formula or how the algorithm works, some factors are catered toward your app or game search/visibility. See below:

  1. Number of downloads in specific country
  2. Reviews
  3. Engagement
  4. Ratings / Feedback
  5. In‐app conversions or purchases

When it comes to ASO there are two most important aspects; the on‐page and the off‐page optimization. Below are the listed techniques and the formula that are proven to be working for Google PlayStore.

ASO Ranking Factors (On‐Page)

  • App Name or Title (Include your primary keywords in the title)
  • App Description (Describe your app, sell it – in the first two lines showcase its main features
    and go into details later.)
  • Keywords
  • Icon (First Impressions Last, make sure that your icon has a WOW factor)
  • Screenshots (Users judge mostly on visuals, so take advantage of this. Give them the same
    feeling in the screenshots as you give in your app. You may use a banner or some app screenshots with added text on it. Promotional video also works. However, it is quite expensive.)
  • Category (Choose the best category for your app)

ASO Ranking Factors (Off‐Page)

  • Total number of downloads (Esentially your main aso goal is to increase this)
  • Uninstalls
  • Usage Frequency
  • Reviews/Ratings (Ask your frequent users to rate your app or game, e.g.,. Via pop‐ups, or via email. Reminder: Don’t be too spammy)
  • External Links


ASO Formula

ASO Ranking Factors (On‐Page)+ ASO Ranking Factors (Off‐Page)= Clicks/Downloads

ASO 2016 Process

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize your app (On‐page and Off‐page)
  • Wait for the results
  • Improve
  • Compare
  • Repeat, Rinse


Keyword Research for Android Apps

Before you can optimize your app’s page, you need to learn how to research keywords (determine the keywords to target, and how to target them correctly).
Here is my personal guide to researching keywords for your Google Play app (feel free to share as well). It’s quite similar to researching keywords for websites (SEO) with some alight differences.
1. Collate Ideas ‐ I record all my keyword ideas that I can think of for my app. I use Google spreadsheet and key‐in my keyword ideas in column A.
Note: Keyword ideas should be 2 ‐ 5 words – most should be 2 or 3 words. They can represent actual queries that people might type into a search engine.
2. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner
You need to sign up for a Google AdWords account – don’t worry because you won’t be spending any money as it’s free. You might be wondering why I am using Google Adwords, as this is built for SEO. This is true, but its keyword analysis provides an excellent indication of what people search for in general.
How to use Keyword Planner for ASO
Upon signing in, go to Tools and Analysis, then Keyword Planner:
Then, go to ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas’ and enter your keyword phrases in the first box, and then hit ‘Get ideas’:
Note: You may target a specific language and location. On the left of the screen, you can change the targeting options.
Next step it to select the ‘Keyword ideas’ tab – this will show you a list of useful information like the average number of monthly searches, suggested keywords, related keywords, etc..
Next step is to Jot Down Notes. Remember the Google spreadsheet that I mentioned earlier? Next thing that I would do is to add a new column (Avg monthly searches) to it and record the monthly searches for each term or keyword that I already have recorded.
I also look through the list of the suggested keywords and select any that seem relevant and have a good amount of monthly searches (250 or more monthly searches). Then I would sort my list by clicking on the ‘Avg monthly searches’ column to give me an idea which keywords or phrases are the target (which are easier to target, and which I would guess is going to be fairly competitive).
I also use the MobileAction for my keyword research. It’s the latest ASO tool developed for keyword analysis, research, and can also be sued for ASO Localization. To know more about keyword research click here.

Optimize Android App Page

galaxy-largeUse main keywords in your app title
According to my research, this could dramatically improve your rankings (roughly 80‐100 spots). It’s recommended to put your app name on the app icon and use the app name for your keyword.

  • 30 character limit.
  • If you’re adding localized titles, you can add one title per language.

Optimize your app’s description
We already talked about how to choose a title and keywords for your app, which are the most important things to do to get found by a search in the Google Play Store. But once users found your app, you still have to convince them to download it. Your app icon and your app ratings play a major role here, and if the user decides your mobile application is still worth looking at, then they will proceed to your app page.
OK, so you’ve gotten your users all the way here, so this is your last shot to convince them! Don’t scare them off! Although the app’s description is no longer searchable, it plays a huge role in your app store optimization process.
What to put in your app description?
1. Short Description ‐ The first text users see when looking at your app’s detail page on the Google Play Store app. Try to put the most relevant information here, like your best pitch. It should contain your keywords but please don’t spam it or overdo it.

  • 80 character limit
  • You can expand this text to view your app’s full description.

2. Long Description ‐ Your app’s description on Google Play.
You must not think of your description as a “description.” If you think this way, you will miss out on the chance to sell. This serves as your sales page. If you’ve got a story to tell, then you should consider writing in a narrative style. Why? These type of stories are emotional, and emotion sells.
Note: You’ve only got 4000 characters to use for your long description.
Things You Need to Avoid

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • Technical stuff
  • Lying

Note: 4000 character limit
Additional Reminders: Use SEO Best Practices in your Description, but be mindful of Google Play Content Policies regarding SPAM and IP Infringement (e.g. keyword spamming, impersonation, etc.). Please refer to full guidelines in the Google Play Developer Program Policies.
Graphic and Image Assets
Icons and screenshots help make your app stand out in Google Play Store search results, categories and featured app lists.
To sum it all up here’s what you need to do (along with the tools that you may use)

Here’s an example of an app with correct description format:
Long Description
Total between 2500‐3000 characters is recommended (500‐600 words)
Short description
80 characters – try to include all relevant keywords about the app
Recommended description format

  • overview
  • features
  • reviews

Use Grammarly to check for grammar errors, spelling, etc..
Call to action in the end. Example:
<b>Download the new [name of your app / game] now</b>
Don’t forget to use plagiarism checker:‐checker/
So here are some ways to improve your app rankings on Google Play Store. As you can change it whenever you want, there’s no reason not to get started right now and to experiment. If you want to learn more about App Store Optimization, check out my website.
What about you? Any other advice or question on how to optimize your app on Google Play Store?

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