363 App review sites to promote your App

In the last months I have been working with the help of my Virtual assistants to produce the most comprehensive list of App review sites out there.
Mainly I was surprised how complex was going to be this process.
at the start of the research we had a target of making a PROPER list of 100 app review sites. By proper I mean with the right data to be able to help us evaluate when an App review site is worth it or not.
As many of you know there are many app review sites, app PR sites, app magazines, forums, etc… but it’s always challenging to understand and discover where you should focus your energy.
We decided to include in our list the following details

  1. Website Title
  2. Type of App review Site
  3. URL
  4. URL for submission
  5. Compete.com Ranking
  6. Alexa Ranking
  7. Google PR
  8. Paid or Free Marketing
  9. Any fee included?
  10. Platform (iOS or Android)
  11. Niche specific
  12. Contact Name
  13. Contact Email
  14. Twitter
  15. Twitter Followers
  16. Facebook Page
  17. Facebook followers

So we came up with 363 listings. Obviously not all of them include 100% of the information but it’s a very good start for anyone willing to get moving and promote in a DIY way your own app.
At the beginning I though of giving away this listing, but then I realized how many people will simply use it to spam stupid “PLEASE REVIEW MY APP!!!!” emails – instead of doing a personal, polite and smart approach.
That’s why I have decided to sell the list to filter who is serious and who is not.
To anyone that purchase the list you will get an update every time we include 10 to 20 new app sites or resources.
If you are interested…. here is the form 😉
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