Android App Store Optimization – Testing MobileDevHQ

So it’s time to talk about ASO for Android… yep boys and girls welcome to Android App store optimization ! Yeah baby!  I was waiting for a while to make this video and to be honest, I was pretty pumped before doing this review. This is a topic that I love, mainly because I like Android a bit more than iOS regarding the way the algorithm works. (sorry Apple fans)
So I decided to test and play with one of the top tools for App store optimization for Google Play: MobileDevHQ.
Let me be honest and put a clear big DISCLAIMER:
MobileDevHQ is a good tool. It does the job and if you are considering it in your arsenal for ASO tools…. give it a go for sure.
But it has some issues 🙁
Not huge issues, but mainly small issues that make the experience a bit clunky .
Yep. Sorry, It wasn’t the smooth ride that I was expecting specially after playing with and SearchManSEO .
I really hope we can see more features from MobileDevHQ to try to catch up to what the other boys are doing regarding features in their ASO tools.
So here is the video, I’m sure I will be doing more indepth videos, but as an overview is good (around 15 minutes).
If you are an Android App developer …. you need to check this video 😉