Why I decided to Stop doing Indie ASO

Dear Indie Developer:breakup
Both you and I have noticed that for the past few months we have not been meeting each other as much as we would have loved to. The clear reason behind this is that we do not seem interested and involved with each other any longer. The urge to meet somehow has been buried somewhere.
As you know dear Indie Developer:¬† I have been doing ASO for the last 2 years, that’s how we met. Remember?
I was the first person to do App store optimization professionally, not because  I was amazing, or the best option out there, but mainly because I was the first mentally insane individual to think ASO could be a vital part in the app industry.

I still believe It was right in my decision… and you believed in me, remember?
I have learned a lot. I have made may mistakes and I have tried to help the app industry as much as possible. It hasn’t been easy, I have have to be 100% honest…
During the last 2 years, I spoke in conferences, webinars, meetups… at the beginning you praised me, we used to love each other.. and to be honest, I though we had a solid future.
Do you remember how we met?
I created the first ASO course and published the first App store optimization book out there.  The course and the book were not perfect, but they were dam good compared to what it was out there before at the time.
But after the last 2 years it’s time for me to you that I want to bring and end to this relationship now . I know the break up is not entirely your fault and I too am to be blamed for it, but I guess someone had to make the first move.
Why now… you may ask?
Mainly because our relationship never worked… and it’s now your fault… it’s just life: You wanted Cheap ASO while ASO became more time demanding, more complex… you expected miracles to your mediocre apps… you expected me to do all the hard work while you created games with no market research, forgetting that nobody wanted to play your silly idea in the first place.
You called me the ASO Ninja but you refused to pay for a decent ASO tool….
You wanted results, but you didn’t want me to spend enough time to analyze and design an app store optimization strategy for you.
You wanted organic traffic but you refused to test , wait, be patient and realize ASO is like LOVE… is a process… and you need to work and be patient to find the results you want.
So we have to break up.
If I hear one more time that:

  • The app store is broken.
  • That the app economy is not fair.
  • That indie developers have no hope
  • and that you you may find the same service in oDesk…

…. I will kill myself.
But never less…
I have had some very good memorable moments of my life with you. Now I would like to leave you to a life of your own and I will lead my ASO life the way I want to. This was the last way I would have liked our relationship to end but if it has to end it has to.
If in the meantime you still fancy a “quicky” ASO affair… my book and my courses may help you….