My App Store Optimization Book is up and ready (baby!)

It took me a while to write this book, mainly because this new and brave world of ASO (App store optimization) has changed a lot…
I need to be honest, I’m proud of it, may be is not perfect, and for sure with the way things change all the time, some things may need updating in a few months, but I completed what I believe is the most complete book out there about App store Optimization.
Say Hello to ASO Ninja (awesome title right?)
The book is now in Amazon and although I was planning to launch it for free… Amazon made me (yep, evil Amazon…;) put a price, so I set the price at $9.99
You can get it also in iTunes also.
Because I’m aware many of you will like to read it now and may think… “mmmm  9.99 should I really buy it 😉 ” I have decided to put the book here on the site itself.  You can read the first chapter here. Enjoy!