Is Panda Coming to the App store?

Something is moving… something is moving in the app store and Indie developers, app agencies and publishers are starting to realize that panda_wolong_01may be, just may be, things are not going to remain the same in the app store algorithm in the next months to come.
It’s Panda Coming to the App store?
How App store optimization will change in the very close future…
If you don’t know what Panda is… you are lucky.
Panda was an algorithm changed that Google incorporated a few years ago that literally destroyed the lifes of many webmasters when suddenly all their ranking, all their organic traffic was literally gone after one crazy algorithm changed by Google.
When PANDA happened the SEO world was in shock… I was in shock… my clients were in shock… and the funny thing of the PANDA apocalypse  was that we didn’t predict it…  although we may had the feeling something was coming… we refused to believe it was going to be such a dramatic change to the way Google behaved…
After PANDA , came Penguin and slowly but surely the SEO world learned that Google rocks and that webmasters and SEO companies were just guessing and pretending to be in control of a game that was ruled by the Google Gods.
Well get ready for the same stuff to happen in the app store.
In my latest podcast I talk about the things we have discovered about the algorithm and how I expect things to change in the next months to come.
Not a happy time – unless you like Pandas 😉
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