If App store Optimization was a Battleground

When we talk about app store optimization in many cases we fail to really understand that ASO is moved by logic then data.
Data is important, that’s why we have tools like MobileAction that help us to visualize the panorama… think of an ASO tool the submarine that is taking you to battle… but everyone knows that a submarine without a smart captain with Scottish Russian Accent (Yes, you need to see the Hunt Red October to understand my comment ) is simply useless.
Before you continue, please enjoy the next 2 minutes of awesome NON-ASO related topic

So how do we determine if we are using an ASO tool in the smart way?
The first thing to keep in mind is that we need to understand what are our goals using the tool… a comprehensive ASO tool can be used in many different ways and today I want to show you how you can use

Reverse Engineer

This is my favourite one, doing competition analysis can be done in different ways, by spying in potential keywords and trying to determine what keywords your competition is ranking for… or by doing a proper reverse engineer when you really go in-depth and try to segment their whole ASO strategy.
This is possible with MobileAction and it is a must if you really have your eye set in other “evil app competitors 😉

How do Reverse Engineer?

Easy, start doing ASO for your competitors! Yes, try to find out rs
Where are they ranking
What keywords do they rank
How high or low they are compared to you app
How are their reviews going?
Reverse Engineer puts you in a different mind frame and helps you to understand if your competitor is even doing ASO or not… putting your “submarine” in a much better position in the ASO warfare game

Ranking Analysis

Ranking analysis should always be the first step when using an ASO tool. In a few words is: where are we, what is going on, how good or who bad are we doing in the ASO warfare. It is funny that many app companies literally don’t really know what they are even ranking for.
Yes! In fact many app companies are not constantly monitoring their rankings or are aware of all the potential keywords they could be ranking for.
This means in a few words that if downloads drop for one day to another, they will find themselves in a lot of trouble based on their #ASO ignorance.
If you are not aware of what long tail keywords are you ranking how can you understand when organic downloads drop?
Ranking Analysis should always be the 1st step in any serious ASO strategy. Because you can’t improve if you don’t know where you standing.

Keyword research

Pretty obvious huh
Although this may seem like a normal part of any ASO tool the fact is that keyword research is not always easy and you need a tool that gives you the option to really understand the market, to be able to visualize with clarity what keywords make sense to target and what other keywords represent a greater challenge.
Keywords are not always the same and it is important that when you use the features, you keep in mind who is your target, your audience and how important the keywords you are targeting represent in your organic campaign.
To explain a bit, check this out the next video (No Russian accent here)

Don’t forget that in many cases we ignore the full scope of the search terms users may be using to find out app and by using features like keyword suggestion , we can start analysing new strings or long tail keywords that before we used our ASO tool where impossible to detect or even come to our attention.
So my suggestion next time you get ready to dive in using a powerful tool as MobileAction
Action is to remember that you are the captain of the ship! And you need to have clear goals… don’t forget to win the war you need to win small battles first. Set your target clear, aim and shot.
The ASO game is easy to win if you have the right tools and … trust me, if ASO technology was a submarine, you are in control of a nuclear Submarine ready to conquer the 7 seas.
This article was originally posted at Mobile Action blog.