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Do ASO in house – Stop hiring agencies

Start Offering ASO

The goal with this ASO coaching is for Digital marketing agencies, or app Publishers… is  is to bring teams up to standard with the ASO eco system and the implementation required to deliver ASO in a professional level.

This can be done for your own app (in house) or for external apps (if you are a digital marketing agency)

This coaching is mainly for companies interested to stop paying for ASO and instead build a team that can deliver ASO results, in house without having to consider external consultants or 3rd parties. 
During the coaching you will learn:

ASO launch strategies, ASO and Search Ads Integration, how to perform ASO audits and how to do constant ASO to a specific App. 

The Training

The ASO training is a 10 week  process and it is divided in 2 areas.
The ASO system and the ASO in house process.

The ASO system covers in the first 6 weeks how to do ASO as a normal ASO practitioner , while the phaseit includes the process required to scale ASO as a service based on KPI, SOAP and industry standards The introduction to this service is in the video below​

What does the Coaching Includes

10 Week Expert ASO Training Program


Week 1

Understanding the Algorithms and the deficiencies of ASO


Week 2

Ranking Analysis and ASO Scores


Week 3

Keyword Research process


Week 4

Advanced Keyword Research


Week 5

Competition Analysis, Updating ASO and Reviews


Week 6

Increasing conversion with Screenshot Optimization


Week 7

Search ads and integration with ASO


Week 8

Overview of ASO tools and building your own databases


Week 9

Delivery ASO and reporting


Week 10

ASO failures and how to deal with lack of ranking + Q&A and recap

The Program

How is the program structured:

Chats usually are done on Thursdays or Friedays via Zoom.
The average call is 35 to 50 minute
Each week the team is given videos to watch (usually on Monday) or articles to read to prepare for the 1 on 1 Zoom call.

What Tools will be covered:
Mobile Action, App Radar, App Follow, App Tweak, AppAnnie and Sensor Tower
What can my team perform after the training?
  1. A full ASO Audit
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Full competition Analysis
  4. Search Ads Audit
  5. ASO strategic planning for a brand new app.

The Goals

What you will be able to achieve at the end of the training

1. Analyse the competition to determine the best potential target keywords. Analyse market research, app launch and app update cycles.
2. Update and optimise metadata and keywords of each app and app descriptions in English and other potential languages to increase audience reach.
3. Optimise other factors to guarantee organic traffic and growth, including screenshots, icons, copy and reviews. Analyse video trailers and demos to increase conversion and user engagement.
4. Analyse existing social media strategies and create a system to guarantee a constant flow of positive reviews and social signals for each app launched.
5. Track ranking and positioning both pre- and post-ASO strategies to determine success and adjust accordingly, if necessary.
6. Train future team member/staff in your company to take over the ASO process
7. Considering matching the efforts in Organic/ASO with Search Ads to maximise opportunities.

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