3 Different Ways to do App Store Optimization – Keyword research

This is a little beginner video, regarding different ways to do Keyword Research. is not very advanced, and doesn’t show how to do it directly… but it shows the different “attitude’ when doing it.

Some tools I mention in this videokeyword1

  • Google Keyword Planer
  • SearchMan
  • Appcod.es
  • Sensor Tower

1st Approach: from Big To Small

Do it broad.
Once we go broad you start moving towards the long tail keyword….
So, start broad: like —> PLANE
then you go to WAR PLANE
then you move to Second World Ward Plane Simulator

2nd Approach: Piggy back from the big boys.

You already know what the big boys are doing… so start looking at the big boys that are not in the top 20… look further ahead.
I usually like to look at top 200, because there are many apps in that ranking doing very very well organically and not many other apps are aiming their guns to them.
Looking at those apps I can love to reverse engineer and see what are those apps already ranking for. In many cases they don’t even know they are ranking for those keywords…. giving me a good insight of were their ranking is coming form.
3rd Approach: Laser Target Sniper Set of Mind
This is a great approach, but you need to have some courage, patient and be very good researching your keywords. Focusing only on keywords that can guarantee ranking.
The formula is easy in theory but not so easy in practice: Find keywords with traffic with very low competition….
the question is: are those keywords “converting keywords” or just long tail keywords that bring no real “users”.
That’s the million dollar ASO question.