Your App Idea Rocks? Ask Steve Fanale from TheAppVillage

When I hear app developers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, small business owners or code geeks talk about the next great app… I think .. yeah right….. but what if their App idea was in fact an Awesome idea.
We all have great ideas, but what is the step from a GREAT idea to a REAL app… a real app with downloads, users, traffic, revenue. In this new podcast, I talk to fellow Aussie Steve Fanale, EO of TheAppVillage…. a new kick *ss company that finds the best app ideas, (submitted by people like you 😉  and works in developing them in real apps.
Do you have a great idea? do you think just a good idea is enough to be the next BIG THING? Before you start dreaming, listen to Steve, from  TheAppVillage
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