Using Google Trends to find keywords for your App

The Intro

The Practicalpomsky
So now that you saw the theory (boring right?)… let see how to find an awesome keyword in less than mmmm 7 minutes?
I asked via Facebook to some awesome – weird and supportive people to give me ideas about niche topics.
I wanted to find an epic keyword 😉 and the result was cute.
So here is how to use Google Trends to find unsual keywords, that people still look for and you may literally become the only app talking or targeting that keyword.

Transcription of Video # 1 + some ASO awesome notes.
Trend is something that everyone knows in the App Store. We have massive trends in the App Store. We have Super Bowl. We have the Olympics. We have the World Cup. Go Colombia in this World Cup. We also have trends that are conventional trend or the “predictable trends”….
We have Christmas. We have Halloween. We have Hanukkah and all these trends are trends that are every single developer knows, and they start getting ready. All the time, “Halloween is coming. I’m going to make money with my Halloween apps.”
There are some trends that always happen . Every single time these trends seem to happen in a cyclic way… and we tend to forget.
We tend to ignore them like Summer, when going back to school. You see, when kids leave school automatically they’ll be going to use the iPad more because there are holidays but also something happens when they go back to school.
When they go back to school, parents are going to start downloading apps to do with school or at the end of the first … quarter of the school, if a kid has issues with Maths, they’re going to start looking at apps that help kids with Maths problems. When kids are going back to Kindergarten, potentially the downloads are going to increase for … Apps are going the kids to learn Math or learn to count or things like that.
These trends can be found on Google Trend – just like I did in video #2 by the way
Although, it’s not the most accurate tool, one important things is to try to understand how people behave or work. Let me give you an example. If there’s a new season of a zombie series or if there’s a new season coming on for vampires. What’s going to happen is, when the new season starts, people’s behavior in the App Store will change. Now this is something that you need to be analyzing and need to keep an eye on the trends. What you will see is people will download more and more and more apps to do with zombies over vampires.
The same thing will work right now, like with Avengers. Right now, I know that Batman is not a huge keyword within the App Store but I also know that Superman and Batman are coming back movie this year. What I know is as soon as the new Batman movie comes, there’s going to be a trend of Batman, so if I know that now, I can still work on an app to do with the Batman topic or the bat topic and have it ready so when the movie comes, everyone start looking for information about Batman. When my kids get keen into Batman because right now my kids don’t care anything about Batman. They’re all about Ironman.
To be honest, I  don’t know why but they’re on to Ironman, but as soon as Batman arrive back and I see Batman in the toy shops, I see Batman everywhere. Trust me, those Ironman toys will be dropped and they’ll be looking for Batman. They will forget about the Power Rangers and they will look at Batman in the App Store.
Those are the trends that you can actually start following. Find a trend before is a trend and…. bingo! or should I see Pomsky!