Understanding App Stores

How Does App Stores Work?

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For our second video, we’ll be talking a bit about Apple and Google Play and understanding the main difference between these two app stores. 

We must touch a bit on this topic before we talk about anything else be it ASO techniques, tools and all the other thing we ASO-heads find sexy. 

Fully understanding these main differences will help you in the future when you are ready to apply all your ASO learnings. 

First off is that keywords are a big deal for Apple and is extremely important for their App ranking system. When you upload an app, Apple has a 100 character field for you to list your keywords down.  

Google Play, however, does not; you only get a description box because, for Google, your app’s description is king and crucial for ranking. 

It’s also important to note that this main difference stems from Google being a search company first and foremost, while Apple is not. This difference could explain why Google Play’s search function can sometimes be light years more practical, user-friendly and practical than Apple’s; both app stores are not perfect. 

They are also just like us, navigating this brand new science and its many challenges.

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