The need for cojones in the App industry

Do you have ASO cojones?cojones
When I started this, nobody spoke about ASO.
Now I’m happy to announce this whole game of App store optimization is now main stream and now finding content, finding tutorials, courses, slideshows… it’s easy.
There are great content providers out there, some of them are old and classic like Stefan Bielau (Sorry for calling you old man mate) … and some are new and full of interesting latino blood like Evaldo Rossi
But regardless who writes, the question is…
what the heck are we really writing about?.
So far the trend of the App industry is one:
Let’s re-tweet the same stuff over and over
Let’s talk about the same topics
Let’s scrape the same content written 2 years ago about ASO (yes I wrote it before) and let’s send it to sites that are famous for light, and irrelevant content that instead of educate, only spread he same noise (Venture Beat it’s a great example of this type of strategy)

Yes noise… we are filing up the app store optimization scene with noise, with that white noise that nobody really needs, because once you read those posts you end up empty … you don’t learn a thing.
So 2014 is almost finished and it’s time to pray for proper content marketing, for something valuable, for posts that really question what the heck is going on.
ASO tools are to shy to question what is really going … and those who we expected where going to raise their voice towards the latest algorithm changes from the app store are not really revealing a lot.
The importance of reviews
How to do Keyword Research
Or how ASO is not a 1 time process
Those are post topics that we expected in 2012…. but now 2 years later.
What we need know is proper posts with analytical details, with experiments, with some serious theories about formulas about the algorithm itself….
Make-me-feel-good-type-of-posts reminds me to the all good time of SEO when we use to talk about “write good content and Google will love you”
We talk about reviews and the importance of reviews, but nobody out there is testing if buying reviews can increase ranking.
Or what about buying negative reviews? Can we practice NEGATIVE ASO towards competitors…
What about Google Play optimization experiments… as far as I know I was the only person to test the increase of ranking in Google play with links at the end of 2013!!!
So is this a rant? Or an invitation?
I guess both…..
I guess this is call for content providers to grow some cojones.
ASO companies are only writing about how amazing they are, about their successful cases, and about how if you pay them a fortune they help you make some penies.
ASO tools keep announcing that they know have a technology that nobody have, that they are not competing for top position and how if you don’t pay them you can go and commit ASO hara-kiri.
ASO consultants keep writing pink-unicorn posts, where ASO is amazing and if you do ASO your app life and health will be full of downloads and profit.

  • But what if ASO is over rated?
  • What is Apple has manual penalties?
  • What is there is in fact an authority factor that can influence the ranking of apps?
  • What is Apple is indexing factors that we are not considering… review vs download velocity?
  • What is reskinners face now a more difficult challenge based on their own ASO greed

Those and so many more topics… are required, it’s time to speak up, it’s time to write epic stuff….
Liking posts, re-tweeting posts or asking people to hashtag stupidities will not change the industry, will not educate entrepreneurs… instead we are building an army of zombies, where ASO ignorance is wider than ever.
The reason?

  • We are not doing our own research.
  • We are not experimenting enough.
  • We are not sharing data that matters.

So let’s change.
Let’s demand more information, let’s push the envelope, let’s do black hat ASO… let’s test what works, let’s share, email apple, call them, nag them, who the heck runs the algorithm with Apple? Who is the Matt Cutts in Google Play… who really is in charge of tweakiing the algorithm?
Push, push, push…
it’s your industry, is your apps sinking in the ranking graveyard… so grow cojones my fellow appreneur… in the worse case scenario we may fail, but failing while we break the establishment is always more fun that failing quiet and in silence.