The hype of App Store Optimization: Getting the ASO Facts Right

Welcome to a new podcast episode of the ASO podcast… it has been a long long time.
This is a short 15 minute show about talking about what happened last year with App Store Optimization.
2014 was the YEAR OF ASO… and it reminds me a bit of the hype of bitcoin.
2015… seems to be the year of time to grow up and be realistic about app store optimization. No more hype. No more easy ASO…
the ASO industry is now a bit more stable and we can really be honest: ASO is not magic… and ASO is not the solution for apps that are failing.
In this show I talk about the problem that App industry has been taken towards ASO, blaming App store optimization for the failure of ASO.
Listen to this show to understand why….

ASO is not an Traffic Generation Tool.
Instead is…
Is a Traffic Generation Insurance.