The Future of App Marketing with David Janner

ASO Podcast Number 3. Happy 2013… 2013, will be the year of App store optimization. We already have seen Tech Crunch, SEOMoz, and many marketing channels and app developers waking up to the huge, well… MASSIVE importance of ASO.
So I decided to start 2013 in the strongest way possible, with an awesome interview Mr David Janner. David is the smart cookie behind MakeAppMagĀ  [] … in the last edition, MakeAppMag had a whole edition dedicated to App store optimization, so what a better reason to invite David to the show.
The reason why I invited David, is because I wanted to have an overall perspective of the “state of app marketing” . David so far has the best app marketing magazine and for sure you will love his comments and marketing tips.
So ready for more App store SEO tactics? Let’s get started.
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