Swing Copters and a Hungry ASO Audience

If apps are food… swing copters is a delicious Zebra and app cloners are hyenas hungry for an easy meal.
What Dong Nguyen created with Flappy Birds wasn’t a trend of one single game… was the proof that ASO… yes… App store optimization works. Period.
We all know the story of Flappy Birds… but the story of Flappy birds is not just about how one stupid game proved that users have very little brain cells ….
And how the “pressure” of success was to big for one indie dev to shut down the most succesful app of all times…  but that Flappy Birds REALLY achieved, was to change the way developers THINK about the requirements of games to achieve success.
With the success of Flappy Birds, the amount of organic traffic that Flappy bird created was enough to catapult apps to the top rankings just by piggy backing from the increase in income searches for the “flappy related keywords”

  • flappy bird
  • flappy parrot
  • flappy penguin
  • flappy indie developer
  • flappy clone
  • flappy yellyfish
  • flappy bacteria
  • flappy stupid player wasting his time …

Regardless your flappy color… all the flappy clones, have 1 thing in common: Trends.
And now mr Dong Nguyen comes up with another app…
But in this case Dong… can’t play the same game as before. We all know who he is, and Dong has the eyes of 10000 hyenas reading everything he does, waiting to see any of his screenshots, waiting to see how his game work… because as soon as the game is up
bye bye Swing Copters and hello to

  • Swing Flappy Copters
  • Copters Flappy Swing
  • Swing the Flappy Bird
  • Swing Flappy Copter Adventure
  • Swing it like Flappy copter

 And the question is… why the hell no?
You can get the code for Flappy Copters for less than $50 bucks… and  just 24 hours after Dong launches his game, you can have yours up there… fast enough to piggy back from his traffic, his search terms, his KEYWORDS, his profit.

So… Welcome a new era.memeflappy

The era of hiding trends , doesn’t exist any more…
The era where you could just copy 1 app in silence and piggy back from their success is way gone….
The era of stealth competition analysis is now more difficult than ever.
Now if you want to “piggy back” and do it right, you need to ride the bus, that bus with 10000 more apps  that at this exact moment are  waiting for approval. All those apps with the same sneaky keywords, all those apps with developers praying that Dong reputation helps the keyword Swing Copter achieve enough popularity for them to make some profit.

So why is this a new era in the app store?

Because my friends… trends can now be predicted… and developers with less money to spend in advertisement understand the huge power of market research… even more if that market research is being “predicted” and “announced” by Tech Crunch and Tech Crunch is giving us not only the topic of the game, but the titles, the topic, the keywords

“Take Flappy Bird, make the bird fly vertically and avoid swinging things, and you have Swing Copters, the next mobile game from Dong Nguyen. Because let’s burn more of our time on this earth with mindless games. – source

So just with 1 press release we have:
Swing, Copters, Dong, Nguyen, Vertical, Fly, Bird, Swing, and off course… Flappy again – the way the game works, the graphic work and wait… the date of the launch.
Trust me… 72 hours is a long time to get ready, specially when these type of games can be coded by a xCode student .
So there you go.
Who needs trends??
who needs ASO tools??
who needs press??
Welcome to new era of the app store, where to make money, you just we just need to wait for a little Zebra to step in our attack range.
Thx for ThomasBCN for his update 😉
Good hunting!

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