Spam in the App store : Why Apple needs to wake up

Apple is the company of contrasts, in one hand they love to talk about their products… in the other hand they hate when you try to hack
They love for you to use their products, but you can’t really use them if you don’t USE their official accessories…
They also want you to respect their rules, but in many cases (like this case) they don’t follow their own rules…
In fact if you are a developer dealing with the APP REVIEW TEAM you may feel like dealing with your parents when you used to a teen…. you never know if they will say yes or no to your request of going to the prom.
So when you find apps with a title like this alive and well in the app store…

Don’t Step On The White Tile Touch Black Block Free Road Clash of Clans Lords 2 Instantbot Flappy Golf Villains RetailMeNot Coupons Candy Crush Saga Farm Heroes Maleficent Fall PicsArt Frozen F1 Race Lumosity TwoDots Fish Fiesta Traffic,Tetris,Disney

You realize something is really wrong…
So what is wrong with Apple?
Well, that their policy doesn’t apply to everyone.
That the reviewers tend to be “teens”, “inters” or a bunch of outsourcers that very little do they care of what is going on.
Like… you bet: Apple App store Chinese team.
This app represents that is really f**&C up in the app industry… and when we see this app we realize how double standard Apple really is.
While you are trying to publish apps and they are trying to reject them for the smallest details, their department in China is approving this type of spam.
So there you go
follow the rules, be good, don’t spam, don’t use meta tags that are not part of the app store: Unless… well you are Chinese


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