Gathering ASO data from your first keywords - Keyword Research Part 3 - Show #5

Gathering ASO data from your first keywords - Keyword Research Part 3 (Show #5)

You should now have a growing database of keywords made up of your seed keywords and their variations. 

You can go ahead and use 1 or 2 ASO tools to quickly check if there really is a level of traffic or not for your keywords. It’s also a good sign when a keyword is popular and you should check to see how many other apps are competing for it as well.

Aso tools will automatically say competition is high based on the number of apps ranking on that keyword but will not tell you who these apps are exactly. It can be big apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more, which is not real competition since there is really no way you’ll be able to compete or outrank them. 

So when filtering your first keywords, don’t go for those with a huge amount of competitors, it will be super challenging. 

Go for those that can rank easily – but not so easy because it gets zero traffic. Don’t go for the mega-popular keywords – but settle for the extremely humble and hyper-specific long-tail keywords. 

Go for the middle ground, those with enough popularity and competition for you to be able to join and move around in.

Keyword Research Part 3

After gathering keywords, validating them is the next step. It’s important to not overcomplicate your life doing it though. 

Feed it to your ASO tool to check if they are worth it or not.  

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