Should you read my App Store Optimization Book?

I hope you ASO fanatics are having an awesome weekend, my weekend started in the most fantastic way with this lovely email.
Last week I spoke to Meetup of developers in New York (via skype). One of the apptrepreneurs decided to purchase my App store optimization book ASO Ninja, in Amazon or download the PDF directly here .
Well, yesterday he emailed me to let me know about the review he left in Amazon. Man… man… man…
I Simply loved it so much that I HAD to share it, so if you are thinking about getting it. Don’t be mean, invest $9 in your App store optimization wisdom! 😀

As a developer I’ve spent many hours learning ioS and coding apps. The small investment in time and money to buy and read this book is a small price to pay to insure that your app gets the attention it deserves in the app store. This is a well researched and well written book with a lot of helpful info about how to succeed in the app stores. You can read it in a few hours. I liked the authors style and straightforward presentation. if you have an app worth downloading it’s definitely worth reading.
I appreciate how the author emphasizes that it will help a good app get noticed but that no amount of tricks can make a crappy app sell. The book emphasizes that upfront planning is necessary to succeed in todays app store and that planning is neglected by most developers. Honestly, I hope you don’t read the book because it’ll mean less competition for me in the store. I wrote this review to give credit to the author, because I feel he has helped me.
I now realize there is more to success than just uploading your app into the store. The book helps a developer to lay the foundation for success. If you’re like me, you’ve probably read multiple 600+ page books about coding. This book is less than 150 pages and much easier to comprehend. In my opinion it’s definitely worth the small investment for the insights you’ll gain.