Sensor Tower Keyword Ranking Probability

In the world of ASO tools they are 2 type of companies: The once that make cute blog posts while their tool is useless, and the once that DO stuff.
Sensor Tower DOES. They improve, their dashboard keeps getting better and better… period.
You may like it, you may not, but the difference between Sensor Tower and the other tools is to big to even measure.
Not only Sensor Tower has the investment, but it seems they are focus in one thing: ASO.
No cute marketing reports, no complicate UI, not useless features… they are producing things that companies WANT.
(oh what an amazing marketing idea… to build a product people want huh?)
So today I had the chance of testing Sensors Tower new feature.
The good news: It works, it’s easy to understand and it’s really going to help big publishers.
Bad news: Not for Indies. This feature is only available for enterprise clients.