Pre-Submission Checklist

Pre-Submission Checklist

Tutorials for Submitting Apps to the App Store




  • Did you include all mandatory icon sizes (outlined below)?
  • Did you replace old service IDs and ad IDs with new IDs?
  • Did you leave all ads associated with Remove Ads in-app purchase turned ON so that the reviewer can test the in-app purchase?
  • Did you change all strings to match up with your new app?
  • Did you put the new app title in all your local notification texts?
  • Did you put the new iTunes link into the Review on App Store popup?
  • Did you test the app on several iOS devices with different versions of iOS?
  • Did you test with different region and language settings?
  • When applicable, did you switch ad SDKs, such as Revmob, from Testing to Active/Live mode?


iTunes Connect

  • Did you finalize all iTunes Connect details (outlined below)?
  • Did you set up a support email?
  • Did you upload all of your screenshots?
  • Do you add all your target localizations?
  • Did you add the translated title, description, and keywords for each localization?
  • Did you upload screenshots with translated captions for each localization?
  • Did you add a screenshot for each in-app purchase?
  • Did you select all in-app purchases to be uploaded with the binary?
  • Does your app have non-consumable in-app purchases? If yes, did you remember to include a Restore Purchases button?


iTunes Connect Details

  • Price
  • Availability/Release Date
  • Distribution (Note: the default option is all countries.)
  • Primary & Secondary Categories
  • App Rating
  • App title
  • App description
  • Keywords
  • Changelog (if applicable)
  • Version Number
  • Copyright
  • Website URL
  • Marketing URL
  • Support URL
  • Support Email
  • In-App Purchase Prices
  • Review Notes – Use the Review Notes section for pertinent details about your app. For example, if users need to sign in to use your app, then you’ll want to provide login credentials here to make it easy for the reviewer to test your app.



  • Icons & iTunesArtwork
  • iOS 7 – 64×64, 96×96 & 128×128
  • iPhone & iPod Touch (Standard) – 57×57
  • iPhone & iPod Touch (Retina) – 114×114
  • iPad (Standard) – 72×72
  • iPad (Retina) – 114×114
  • Large App Icon (iTunesArtwork) – 1024×1024 (or at least 72 DPI in RGB; .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, or .png format; must be flat artwork without rounded corners)
  • Tip: Use to create mockups of your icon, and use the Prepo 2 app for Mac to instantly resize the 1024 icons for all sizes needed for iOS 6 and iOS 7.



  • 5-Inch Retina (iPhone 4S) – 960×640, 960×600, 640×960 or 640×920 pixels, or at least 72 DPI in RGB; .jpg or .png format
  • 4-Inch Retina (iPhone 5 & iPod Touch, 5th Gen+) – 1136×640, 1136×600, 640×1136 or 640×1096 pixels, or at least 72 DPI in RGB; .jpg or .png format
  • iPad Retina – 1024×768, 1024×748, 768×1024, 768×1004, 2048×1536, 2048×1496, 1536×2048, or 1536×2008 pixels, or at least 72 DPI in RGB; .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, or .png format

Tip: Use to create design mockups and your final screenshots.
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