Ouriel Ohayon: Nobody Knows How Search Algorithm really work?

I just read an interesting interview by AppsFire Founder Ouriel Ohayon about App marketing in general, the interview was good, nothing mind blowing, the peculiar part was when Ouriel, explains how nobody knows how the search algorithms inside the stores really work.
Is that right?
I find amazing that someone in such a high position can claim that “nobody” knows how the algorithm really works, when Google and Apple have many times explains what factors affect or don’t affect the ranking.

I wonder if the app store and Google Play Algorithm it’s going to become the new “secret” that many companies will use to mystify ASO.
Now, giving credits to Ouriel, his last comments are for sure food for though, where we states

The store is still dominated by Apple’s rankings. The rankings are bad for the industry, frankly. It drives people to buy downloads just to be in the rankings instead of finding engaged users.

Tend to agree and formulates the question… if there are no rankings then how will the App store look? Like a big search bar like Google? 😉 You have to wonder.