Ouriel Ohayon and his views about Quality, App Marketing and ASO

WARNING: My next guest…. l ladies and gents… is one of the top brains in this industry. Straight to the point  full of powerful insights… and smart… oh boy…. very smart.
So smart that he was one of the first entrepreneurs to understand how basic (and poort) the App store Algorithm was… so basic that he decided to build something better… or as he calls it, something beautiful. And guess what?
He did it.
Meet Ouriel Ohayon, Mr AppsFire – the Apps Discovery tool that took the world by storm.
I wanted to interview Ouriel for a while,  even when I knew that he is not a HUGE ASO believer.
What???? Am I inviting a non App store optimization believer to the ASO podcast?
Dam right…  and for sure Ouriel has so much wisdom in this podcast that  it will blew your mind. (just like he did with mine) Enjoy