MoHound: empowering you to monetize your App

In the last weeks, I have have noticed the word MoHound everywhere… and after having a quick look I realized that the idea behind MoHound was the type of company/startup that I like. Rebel, new, modern, empowering the small app developer to manage their own monetization and marketing campaigns without having to depend on the big-bad-bully marketing company.
MoHound offers you:
– Automation via Smart Algorithms that optimize decisions for you
– Tracking through device finger printing technology
– Giving You Access to the Top Mobile Ad Networks
In this ASO show I talk to the 2 smart dudes behind MoHound, Andres Contreras y Carlos Mondragon…. and yes… they are both full of passion and Latino Entrepreneurial spirit. (Love it!)
and not only they gave amazing marketing insights and awesome tips but they also are giving you the option to test MoHound for 15 days free.
Just check:
to claim your 15 days free.