Master App Service List

Master App Service List



  • App Cooker – Superior mockup generator for iOS apps.
  • io – Lightening-speed app prototyping.
  • Mockabilly – Simple mockup generator applicaton.
  • UI Stencils – UI design made easy with stencils, sketch pads, and accessories.
  • Interface – Prototyping and mockup app for iPad and iPhone.
  • Justinmind – Responsive wire-framing tools to outline your mobile apps.
  • UXPin – In-depth, collaborative tool to aid in professional UX design.
  • Symbolicons – Easy, exact and awesome vector icons.
  • Prototypes – Turn your static designs into responsive designs for testing in an iPhone prototype.
  • Blueprint – An in-depth iPad app for generating mockups at record speed.
  • Mobility – Free mobile UI design element sets
  • Android GUI Set – Free Android graphical user interface package with fully editable Photoshop files.
  • Fiverr – Creative community of people offering goods and services starting at $5.
  • Testico – Load your custom icon and generate previews of standard icons sizes on iPhone and iPad screens.
  • 99designs – A web community of 259,000 designers: send a design briefing, choose the quality of your design package, and watch the designs come pouring in.
  • Design Cheat Sheet – A brief guide to designing apps for the ever-changing iOS devices. It includes useful notes on screen resolutions, app icons, user interface elements, typography, and more.
  • AppCooker – Generate new app mockups and export to various formats. Also includes tool for iOS pricing and a convenient App Store assistant.
  • Sketch – In-depth vector drawing app for Mac. An affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator for UI design. Use the companion iOS app to mirror your designs to multiple devices at once.
  • LittleIpsum – A simple lorem ipsum text generator that creates anywhere from 1 word to 4 paragraphs of text and copies to the clipboard.
  • xScope – Measure, inspect, and test on-screen graphics. Includes a loupe, guides, dimensions, rulers, crosshairs and more.
  • Lorempixel – Like the lorem ipsum of images. A tiny service for creating placeholder images of various dimensions and categories.
  • PaintCode – A vector drawing app for Mac that generates Objective-C code in real time.
  • Uses drawing code rather than imagers to keep app bundle sizes smaller.
  • Skala Preview – Send pixel-perfect design previews to an iOS or Android device, with colors and designs exactly as they will be in the finished product.
  • Briefs – Combine images and interaction between multiple screens to express the function of a Mac app prototype.
  • Icon Slayer – Converts your icon file into all the necessary sizes.
  • MockUPhone – This is great for design mock ups and down and dirty screenshots.


  • Slicy – A revolutionary Mac tool for designers and developers that slices up PSDs based on layer groups. Export PSD elements for your website or app, then rename your layer groups once and Slicy will do the rest.
  • Prepo – Preview, resize, and export icons and @2x artwork more easily on this Mac and iOS app.
  • ImageOptim – A Mac image optimization app for lightning-speed image processing. Takes up minimal disk space and processes images better than the Xcode.
  • ImageAlpha – A PNG-focused complement to ImageOptim. Further reduces PNG files by applying lossy compression.
  • Resizer – A super simple and free Mac app for resizing @2x or -hd images. Previously known as Unretina/Unretinerg.
  • ResourceHelper – A central location for all your Mac app images. Takes note of missing retina/non-retina images, provides image validation, and creates copy/paste-ready code for XCode.
  • Shutterstock – A hub for thousands of modern stock photos, vectors, and illustrations.
  • CGArena – An animation portal for digital artists to find animation job postings, tutorials,
  • reviews, and software for sale.
  • Iconfinder – Thousands of modern icons to buy or download for free.
  • GraphicLeftovers (GL Stock Images) – A cool on-demand stock photo gallery featuring a trending photo alert.
  • GraphicRiver – Thousands of stock graphic files from $1. Or grab a free graphic each month!
  • TurboSquid – The place for 3D stock graphics.
  • ArchibasePlanet – Compose personal blocks and showcase your architecture and interior designs to the CAD community.
  • Dribbble – An artist’s Twitter, if you will. Follow designers you like, comment on others’ work, and fight for the chance to get your work in the spotlight.
  • PixelResort App Icon Template – A free Photoshop App template resource that makes designing icons easier.
  • Daz3D – Get 3D models and interact in a creative marketplace of designers.
  • MakeAppIcon – Also great for mock ups – especially icons.


  • XCHNG – Over 350,000 quality stock photos from thousands of expert photographers.
  • Creative Commons Search – Find photos, music, text, and other works created by generous authors who make their work available for reuse.
  • FreePhotos – Free photos, HD photos, and stock photos all in one convenient place.
  • DotGovWatch Photo Search – A library of copyright-free photos.
  • Public Domain Clip Art – A dynamic site of over 25,000 clip art collections.
  • Finally Creative – A collection of quality stock photos, mostly of the great outdoors.
  • Gimp-Savvy Photo Archive – Make a collage or photo-montage with these royalty-free photos.
  • Public Domain Depot – Royalty-free, copyright-free, public domain images, photos, music, and more for when you can’t find them anywhere else.
  • Public-Domain-Photos – A gigantic collection of photos from North America. Open Photo Over 1,000 stock images.
  • Photos8 – One artist’s collection of excellent photos with no restrictions.
  • Public Domain Pictures – Several thousand royalty-free stock photos.
  • Clker – A simple yet huge collection of clip art.
  • Creating Online – Get stock photos and edit using this simple site.
  • PD – Huge collection of generally public domain photos. Note: It is important to read the license for each picture before use, including checking model releases.
  • com – Non-intimidating domain stock photos published by a single photographer.


  • com – Get free sound bites, sound effects, and sound clips here.
  • FreeSound – Need video game sounds? Look here.
  • AudioJungle – Royalty-free audio files starting at $1.
  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud-quality sound clips and effects.


  • CloudMine – Provides an out-of-the-box backend to build your app on and reduce development time up to 60%.
  • Parse – Simplify the construction your app’s backend with SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows 8, WinPhone, and Javascript.
  • Appboy – Focus not on acquiring new users, but building engagement with the users you already have with Appboy’s various tools for increasing user interaction.
  • Flurry – Provides a free analytics service to learn how users interact with your app. Then use
  • AppSpot to monetize with data-driven targeted ads.
  • Mixpanel – Forget page views. Ask the right questions about how users act in your app and Mixpanel will answer them.
  • Scoreloop – Make your games social with a customizable, cross-platform SDK to connect to social networks, set up in-app purchases, and create a virtual currency
  • PhoneGap – A free, open-source application container from Apache for creating native mobile apps coded in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Kontagent – The mobile analytics leader, favored by heavyweights like the BBC and Viacom. Strong on metric visualizations and comparisons of multiscreen performance.
  • Appcelerator – A mobile-only platform that includes integrated solutions for creating (using its free, open-source mobile development environment), launching, and analyzing apps.
  • Kendo UI Mobile – Build native-looking mobile sites and apps with UI widgets for WinPhone 8, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Supports touchscreens and camera interactions on mobiles.
  • Appoxee – A user engagement campaign manager: develop personalized marketing messages for different users, automate all tasks, and analyze outcomes to optimize your campaigns. campaigns.
  • Localytics – A set of relationship-building tools for brands to connect with mobile and web app users and personalize their user experiences.
  • Precog – An open-source analytics engine that handles JSON data. Features the Labcoat visual query builder to make data analytics more straightforward.
  • Apsalar – A mobile demand-side platform (DSP) to manage targeted advertising buys using first-party user data.
  • Sencha – Provides deluxe suites of app development tools in HTML5 for both desktop and mobile, with Sencha technologies the preferred choice for over half of Fortune 100 companies.
  • Flow – Creates platforms for context- rather than person-specific information streams, and then connects collaborators to give them context-specific information in real time.
  • Game Closure – Offers an open-source multiplatform SDK for game development in JavaScript.
  • StackMob – A backend-as-a-service platform that offers a datastore API, a development environment for scalable apps across all connected devices (not just phones or tablets), and more.
  • Claritics – Mobile analytics provider offering targeted data interpretation solutions for gaming, retail, M-commerce, advertising, and more.
  • io – Offers the first rapid development environment based in the cloud. Includes built-in backend services and a catalog of API plugins to speed up development and integration across platforms.
  • Capptain – Provides a solution for targeted, analytics-based push notifications to improve your app’s ROI.
  • Placed – Removes the noise involved in pinpointing location to map how users relate with places, allowing greater user insight and targeting.
  • GENWI – Pioneers in cloud publishing and inventors of an mCMS for managing and publishing new content on information-driven apps.
  • Appsee – An SDK that tracks how users act within your app and visually displays analytics data to help you tweak your app, bump up conversions, and earn more money.


  • NEW Ray Wenderlich – One of the biggest collections of free iOS tutorials on the Web from a highly qualified instructor. Ray and his team have produced tutorials and written books for all aspects of iOS app and game development.
  • Try Objective-C – Go to Objective-C school and learn to develop iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps.
  • NSHipster – Learn about the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa on this insightful blog. Do yourself a great service and read this! – A journal about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C, with each issue focused on one particular subject and supplemental articles for other hot topics.
  • NSScreencast – iOS development is easier with these bite-sized weekly screencasts.
  • Subscribe to weekly videos covering need-to-know topics or catch some free videos.
  • TinkerLearn – “Learn to build apps by DOING it.”
  • CartoonSmart – High definition video tutorials. App starter kits, ebooks, and tutorials.


  • iAd – A powerful revenue stream for iOS developers.
  • Revmob – One of the best monetization and advertising solutions for iOS (with higher commissions for App Code 2.0 members).
  • inneractive – Top-of-the-line in-app monetization solutions for app developers.
  • Burstly – Helps mobile app developers make bank.
  • Airpush – The push ad network helps monetize Android apps.
  • Medialets – Simple mobile and tablet advertising to help you take your creativity to the bank.
  • xAd – Set up local advertisement partnerships with the site national brands use.
  • madvertise – European marketplace for mobile advertising.
  • Pontiflex – Run ads on mobile apps and make real money!
  • WHERE Ads – Run local advertisements to remain relevant to your audience.
  • Jumptap – Easy targeted mobile advertising.
  • Tapgage – An ad network specializing in mobile interstitial ads (also has a “click exchange” for driving traffic).


  • Apptentive – Simple in-app feedback for iPhone app developers.
  • Apphance – Fast, accurate total mobile testing.
  • Crashlytics – Effective yet lightweight crash reporting for Android and iOS.
  • StartUpLift – Submit your startup, find your place in the spotlight, and get feedback.
  • Crittercism – Actionable crash reports for mobile apps in real-time.
  • BetaBait – Find beta users and testers.
  • BugSense – Android, WP, and iOS app crash reports.
  • iPad GUI PSD – Vector iPad GUI set for free.
  • uTest – End-to-end software testing.
  • Truevoo – Get real users’ reviews of your iPhone apps.
  • TestFlight – A free testing service for mobile app developers. Provides over-the-air ad hoc app distribution, monitoring tester engagement, logging, and crash reporting.
  • HockeyApp – A paid option to TestFlight. Includes crash reporting, user feedback, ad hoc app distribution, and app analytics.


  • AppTap – App search, marketing, and recommendations.
  • es – iOS App Store SEO and marketing.
  • Appency – Effective mobile app marketing.
  • net – Smart mobile app marketing with beauty and power.
  • Chartboost – Helps you cross-promote your apps for the most success in the App Store.
  • Appular – iPhone app public relations tactics and marketing to showcase your app best.
  • Appia – Over 32,000 developers in this open app marketplace.
  • App Store Optimization – Search engine optimization installation for your mobile apps.
  • AppCircus – Showcase your app on this global platform.
  • buzzdoes – Powerful mobile app marketing and distribution tool.
  • tii podcast – One of the longest running. Listen to ANY of them during to first 10 min to see how they promote Apps for Free
  • me – Site that allows developers to exchange honest app reviews.


  • PubNub – Super speedy cloud-hosted messaging tool for real-time applications.
  • Xtify – Get push notifications for Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices.
  • Lookio – Improve app function with this live in-app support for mobile apps.
  • CENZIC – Increases mobile app security.
  • SecureUDID – A UDID solution for secure mobile apps and improved security.
  • Verious – A quality marketplace featuring mobile app components. Over 3 Million Code &Design Resources.
  • ZooZ – Secure in-app payments made possible here.
  • Trestle – Effective cloud services for mobile applications.
  • CocoaControls – 1695 open source and commercial UI components for iOS and OS X


  • Interstate – Plan and share mobile app development progress using roadmaps.
  • Mobile Orchard – An interesting iPhone application developer’s blog.
  • Appolocious – Explore iPhone and iPad apps with this Yahoo directory.
  • Orientation to Android Training – Sharpen your skills with these official Android classes.
  • StackOverflow – Helpful Q & A site for programmers.
  • Tap2Print – Begin earning money off your photo/image app with this useful app monetization site.
  • StartApp – Monetize your Android app downloads.
  • BlueStacks – Run Android applications on Windows software.
  • Tapjoy – Drive installs and increase revenue through your apps.
  • Vungle – Fun little site for creating video trailers for your awesome app.
  • Apptopia – App acquisition made easy here.
  • Appbackr – Need funds? Get your app funded here.
  • App Annie – Find App Store analytics and market intelligence to keep your apps in the game.
  • Mopapp – App Store analytics helps you know what to do and what not to do with your app.
  • Pieceable – Set up your mobile apps to work in the browser.
  • Chupa – Buy and sell mobile app components in one convenient marketplace.
  • Distimo – Provides insightful App Store data.
  • Appsfunder – Fund your app development. Build a following. Protect ownership.
  • PlayHaven – Acquire. Engage. Monetize. Mobile game cross-promo and LTV maximization platform.
  • com – Your own custom mobile app gallery.


  • NEW Made for iOS 7 – Steve Streza’s Tumblr blog focusing on app designs and icons designed for iOS 7. A true inspiration for iOS 7 design aesthetic.
  • pttrns – Get inspired by this gallery of app screenshots. Each is categorized by screen type and app capabilities (e.g., Maps, News, Search) and fully searchable. Zoom tool makes it easy to see down to the pixel.
  • co – A compilation of app animations in one easy place.


  • iOS Fonts – A completete set of all system fonts available for iOS (available for iOS 4 to current). Includes search, preview, and iPhone/iPad availability.


  • CodeRunner – Write and edit code in any language and test it in this simple editor. Features templates you can tweak and a built-in console for fuss-free programming.
  • AppCode – A smart Objective-C IDE that serves as an excellent alternative to (and is fully compatible with) Xcode. Intelligent assistance as you code, code analysis and debugging, and more.
  • Chocolat – A favorite text editor Mac users. (Count me among them!) Features live error detection, code completion, web previews, and more.
  • Mou – Not necessarily what app developers will be looking for, but still a standout Markdown editor. All the features you could ask for, including CSS/HTML/PDF export, live previews, and even an iPad version called MouStand.
  • Xcode Statistician – Tells you how big your code base is—your line, statement, header, image, word, and character counts, and more. A nice little tool for surveying your own empire.
  • Alcatraz – Open-source tool to manage packages for Xcode. Easily find and install plugins, templates, etc.


  • Dash – Browse API documentation and manage code snippets. Includes more than 80 upto-the-minute docsets. Add your own or request a docset that has not yet been included.


  • Runscope – A tool for resolving API bugs. Exchange the hostname of HTTP requests in your code with a Runscope URL, and then examine your traffic to see where failures are happening.
  • Fetcher – A Mac HTTP client that allows you to set custom parameters and add your own headers and post body text for HTTP requests.


  • SQLite Professional – A Mac SQLite system that allows database versions, point-and-click data entry, filters, and exports to CSV, JSON, MySQL, and WML.
  • Base – A Mac desktop app for handling SQLite 3 database files. Display and edit constraints at the column and table level and quickly filter your data.


  • Shake Report – Pop this nifty open-source SDK into your app and users will be able to send along a bug report simply by shaking their device.
  • BugSense – Plug BugSense into your app with a single line of code and start receiving crash and performance reports straightaway. Good stuff.
  • Crashlytics – Powerful but lightweight crash reporter. Processes each crash in 18 milliseconds. Easily integrates with other issue-tracking programs.
  • Crittercism – Actionable crash reports for mobile apps in real-time.
  • Spark Inspector – Offers a 3D view of your app interface to detect bugs. Also shows you app
  • NSNotifications as they are sent and to whom.
  • Reveal – A tool to do runtime inspections in iOS apps, with both 2D and 3D views. Allows real-time viewing of app changes as they are executed.


  • Kinvey – Cloud-hosting for your code, data management and authentication for your users, development environments, push notifications, analytics, security—Kinvey does it all.
  • Parse – Simplify the construction of your app’s backend with SDKs for iOS, Android,
  • Windows 8, WinPhone, and Javascript.
  • Urban Airship – The original specialists in push notifications who have now branched out into analytics, audience segmentation and targeting, and a digital wallet platform compatible with
  • Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.


  • TotalTerminal – A highly specific solution that Mac developers will love. A plugin for offering a visor window that drops down with a tap on your keyboard shortcut.


  • SourceTree – A 100% free client for Git and Mercurial on Windows and Mac. No more command-line editing with this straightforward interface. Works nicely with Atlassian’s Bitbucket.
  • Bitbucket – Cloud-based Git and Mercurial repository hosting, sharing, and management that’s free for up to 5 developers.
  • Tower – A Git client for Mac that provides exhaustive solutions including repository management, a Stash feature to temporarily save changes, and even a command-line tool.
  • Kaleidoscope – Reviews versions of text, images, and folders, detects differences and merges in a flash. Integrates smoothly with Mercurial, Subversion, Git, and many others.
  • DiffMerge – A free, rather spartan diff/merge tool for files and folders in Windows, Mac, and
  • Linux that does exactly what it says on the tin. Integrated with Windows Explorer to allow single-click diffing.
  • GitX – A free Git GUI for OS X. Not terribly glamorous but it does the job. Did I mention it’s free?


  • iOS Support Matrix – Everything you need to know here about device compatibility and iOS versions, with hardware specs, touch and retina support, etc, right up to the spanking-new iPhone 5s
  • Deploymate – A tool to help you detect problem APIs—ones that are too old or too young, not available, or not compatible with the OS version you’re targeting.
  • Slender – Small=successful in App Land. A tool to analyze your source code and highlight unused bits you can get rid of to slim down your app size. Also inspects images and in some cases compresses them.


  • NEW Tokens – A convenient Mac app that allows faster generating, sharing, and tracking of
  • App Store promo codes so you no longer need to deal with iTunes Connect for generating promo codes. Also allows reviewers to redeem codes with ease.
  • Status Magic – Add appropriate status bars to your iOS App Store screenshots with this helpful Mac app. Import screenshots from your iOS device and overlay a clean status bar on
  • top with icons. Or easily remove the status bar all together.
  • App Annie – Keep track of your app rankings in the App Store: create a custom account to
  • access historical information and ratings and track your apps’ downloads and revenue.
  • appFigures – Create an account (with limited permissions). Track app sales for free. Review
  • Read app reviews.
  • AppViz 2 – An organized and simple app for Mac to track important sales, rankings, and ad
  • data for your apps.