Making Money with Apps without Drama or Genius ideas

I love how difficult it sounds to make money with apps when in reality if you look at the whole business of app development, is not very different than any other
You need a strategy, a plan, a marketing approach and a different angle.
If tomorrow everyone learned that hotdog stands make 200K per year… everyone will buy a hotdog stand. Right?
The same situation happens with the app store: this is the new gold fever .
Everyone wants to make money with apps, but when you ask how much money people are really making vs talking about it… you find interesting results.
I’m not a developer. I’m not a coder. I don’t even love the idea of producing apps… but what I like is building system. My approach towards app is a bit raw, direct, and a bit cold.
And I think my approach makes me a bit different… where everyone goes buying a hot dog stand, I look the other side of the market. What are those apps that are un-sexy… those apps that nobody love…
here is my latest podcast, where I show you how I went to make 5K in the appstore on the first month.
No hype, no product to buy, no secret science. Just a very anti-romantic and practical approach