Keyword Research for Apps: My 7 Video Ninja Course

So I decided to do another course… grooovie…. 
the reason is simple : My first course in Udemy was mainly based on the overall idea of ASO, and although is a kick-*ss course…. 250+ students think so, the course itself doesn’t get really dirty in the art of keyword research.
So inspired by the cool quality of SkillsShare courses, I have launched my Keyword Research Course. 7 videos. Not a lot of Theory… just pure practical, guerrilla, stuff.
No hype. No upsell, no overpriced stuff. $20. 7 Videos. Stuff that matters. Buy it. 😉 Enjoy
What the course includes?
Learn how to do keyword research and find the best keywords to your Apps. This is ideal for any new developer ready to launch their app, or existing developers with apps in the app store.
This is the first step to learn App Store Optimization and it’s a great way to understand the real power of ASO.
You will learn how to use the latest App store optimizations, how to find weak competitors, and how to find great keyword opportunities.

  • You will learn the basic concepts behind App store optimization
  • How to perform keyword research using ASO Tools
  • How to use Straply .com for keyword research brainstorming
  • How to use SearchMan SEO for Keyword analysis
  • How to use Google Tools to Validate your idea
  • How to use Sensor Tower Features to find the best keywords
    and spy on different apps and competitors.

Cost ? $20.