How To Use ASODesk To Boost Your App Store Ranking ​

A higher keyword ranking makes it far easier for users to find you in the App Store. In turn, this brings you more downloads and revenue.
Today, we’re looking at an ASO tool that can help with ranking in the App Store: ASOdesk.
ASODesk is an extended analytics and keyword boost campaigns for App Store and Google Play. It was built for both iOS and Android with more and more features being added.
Analytics (Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis)
One of ASOdesk’s most valuable features is its App Store Analytics section, designed to provide you the most accurate data regarding search request so you’d be able to target a strong set of keywords — essential for ranking well.
Keyword Research
With only 100 characters available for keyword selection in iOS each character counts. ASOdesk will make technical recommendations to prevent you needlessly chasing the wrong keywords. For example, the keywords in your app’s title, or plural variations of keywords you already targeted.
However, this does not have the feature that will tell you automatically when you have characters free to include more keywords. You need to do it manually. No worries, it’s easy. Simply use charactercount as this allows you to count the characters and make the most of what you have available. ASOdesk will give you an idea which keywords you should target, giving you suggestions you might not have considered.
This ASO platform assigns each targeted keyword a rating for traffic score and how difficult it is to rank. Same with SEO, the more keywords you find with high traffic and low competition, the better you’ll do.
If you want to expand your audience by targeting users in different countries, you’ll find its one-click translation function very useful; in just a few clicks, your app can be optimized for localized App Stores all around the World.
Note: Data regarding user search request frequency is based only on the mobile search function, no web data collection
It shows Users per Day statistics who search for your app or game. The frequency updates continuously, allowing you to observe seasonal search trends in real time.
aso desk statistics
This feature triples the efficiency of your app store optimization. The Keyword Suggestions are implemented directly to the Statistics Module, which allows the semantic core to be collected 3 times faster than the usual ASO tools out there.

Competitor Analysis
Knowing what your competitors are doing is very useful — especially when formulating your very own ASO strategy. ASOdesk comes with a number of functions that allow you to keep tabs on your direct competition.
It has Organic Reporting  that allows you to view how your competition’s ranking at a category level and a keyword level. You can put a number of competitor apps, as well as your own app, for easy comparison.
Second, this feature allows you to view the keywords your competition is targeting, as well as highlighting any keyword overlap between the two of you.
This helps you uncover keywords you hadn’t considered, but more importantly allows you to make strong decisions for your own app: if you think your competitor is a bit weak, you can take them on directly; if you think they are strong, you can stay away from the keywords that they are targeting.
Note: Organic Report shows the estimated number of installs from user search request for your apps as well as your competitors. This also displays all the user search requests through which your and your competitor’s apps  are found.

Keyword Boost Campaigns
When you published an app, the apps stores will generally find it and include it in their massive index of apps. But if you want to do more than getting indexed right? Then you need to make sure that these app stores associate your app with the keywords that your customers and potential customers are typing into the search field, hoping to find your app. And how’s that possible? Keyword Boost is the answer. This strategy helps you boost your keyword rankings for your app and will help you get the highest quality traffic. I’m so excited about this because I’ve spent a lot of my career as an ASO specialist helping app owners and developers deploy these practices on their apps to bring in more high-quality traffic, so I’m passionate about bringing this to you guys.
With ASOdesk, you can create your own keyword boost campaign in as easy as 1,2,3. Simply follow the guide below:

    1. Click on the “rocket” icon pictured below:

    1. Use settings recommended for your Keyword Boost campaigns, based on previous experience.

    1. Keep your eye on the Cost per Install forecast for a search user.

    1. Track your campaign results via Organic Report which is updated daily


  1. Order guaranteed keyword boost campaign – it guarantees top 1-2 positions for your app in just a few hours.

Note: the average campaigns CPI through ASOdesk is below 0,25 $Keyword Boost Campaigns.
Cost:  Available countries and the cost of incentive installs
Country: Russia, United States (September 2016) App Stores: App Store, Google Play Cost: 0,3 $ and 0,2 $(Russia), $0,9(USA) only iOS
Note: Results may vary, simply because your competitors will fight back. For sure, the Perspective Correct app owner will not be happy and will implement his/her own ASO strategy to reclaim its ranking.
Monitoring (Review Analysis and more)
App Store Optimization is not a single action type of strategy but a complex and should be a continuous process. One important task within this process is Monitoring of rankings, competitors, and the market.
If you make any changes to your app — if you update it or change the price, for example — you can easily see the impact the change has, by looking only at Monitoring section of ASOdesk. If people don’t like the changes you’ve made, it’s easy to spot and gives you plenty of time to revise your ASO strategy.
As this is a very intensive task, tools like ASOdesk can help you keep an overview of all this data.
With ASOdesk, you’ll receive regular reports via e-mail and Slack: keyword rank positions and new reviews.

You can also track the search request ranking of your app via the Monitoring Module

Or set up the Competitors Module for tracking your main competitors.

You may also track the mood of your users via the Reviews Module

Reviews are one of the many factors that influence your rankings. The more positive reviews you get for your app, the higher you rank.
Now, ASOdesk is not able to influence reviews directly, but it can give you some helpful insights which can help you improve your app’s user experience.
ASOdesk collates every review containing a certain keyword, including the average rating. This will provide you insights as to what aspects of your app users like, and which features not so much. These can also give you an idea on which new keywords to target.
This is why you should always have an eye on your users’ opinions. What do you need to do? Well, have a regular check on app rankings and user reviews as this could give you insights for improving your app, ASO strategy, and marketing. ASO is not only about Keyword Optimization, it is also about the appearance of your app, your icon, description, app title, and previews. This is why it’s a must that you always track your app’s performance.
ASOdesk prices have never been more affordable

ASOdesk is also open to individual conditions, just email them:
Now the BIG question here is, “Could you do all this yourself?” Absolutely, but ASOdesk will save you a lot of time.
ASOdesk is free to use but if you want to take advantage of its paid plan features, the starting price is $29 per month. For me, it is not to be sneezed at, but if you’re looking for a highly effective tool to help with your App Store optimization, ASOdesk is well worth the investment.
If you’ve had experience using ASOdesk, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Similarly, if you prefer a different ASO tool, let me know which one and why you think it’s the better choice!

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