Evidence that ASO is just starting (typical baby tantrums)

When you have kids (I have 2) you become an expert witness of tantrums… in my case it’s usually when my kids don’t get an ice cream at mmm 7 am …. or when they refuse to go to bed at 8:00 pm.
Tantrums. Mini-panic attacks, signs they are to young to control their anger, fears, frustration. And that’s normal, because they are young…just like the app community šŸ˜‰
In the last weeks we have seen a lot of changes coming in the App world, and we already can see the first signs that the app community need to take SEARCH as a long term concept and not as “that quick scheme”.
When algorithms make changes… the world freak out.
The reason usually is one: we hate change.
We hate the unknown.
For the app developers this concept of depending on a 3rd party may be unique, but for us that come from the SEO world, we are used to have Google screwing up our dreams and telling us, what we can and what we can’t do.
Don’t get me wrong, I know is not a nice feeling.
Once day you are on top, next day you are in page 77 wondering what the hell happened?
But that’s the nature of the best, that what happens when you play a game where a 3rd party rules…
Google, Appstore, Chomp, Amazon, you name it… you are just at the mercy of an Algorithm, and if you don’t embrace this reality you will have a very difficult time fighting a battle that you will never win.
Ranting against Apple doesn’t bring you one step closer to master ASO.
That’s why ASO consultants, App store optimization companies and app developers need to learn from the pain,Ā  the suffering and the tears the industry has taken.
SEARCH is complex
and SEARCH will always be victim of conspiracy theories, algorithm changes, flaws, and marketing companiesĀ  trying to exploit the system.
Companies, like Google, Yahoo (in the old times), Microsoft, Apple or Amazon will always be challenged by their own users when the topic of SEARCH pops up.
Trust me:
The fastest way to create polemic is by choosing who goes up and who goes down in a search result.

That’s why ASO needs to be taken in a different way….
in a way where SEARCH and OPTIMIZATION is a constant process… not a overnight miracle.
ASO is here to stay and we need to learn not to cry wolf, and not to bring extra drama just because we face one of many updates.
The more we learn to adapt, the less stress and the more effective our ASO strategies will become.
So no more tantrums, OK?