Dear App Publisher: Don't do App Store Optimization

Please do not do app store optimization, if you don’t have a clear plan.
The problem with ASO is not ASO but is the people that want ASO… app store optimization works, but works when is part of a strategy in the same way jogging can help you to lose weight if you eat healthy.
App store optimization needs to be part of a full process and the problem we are facing now with the arrival of 2016 is that more app companies are becoming more mediocre in their app marketing strategy methods.

2015, has been the year when app publishers realized success in the app store is not a matter of weeks, it is a matter of months and that marketing requires testing, failing, trying again and implementing and overall plan and sticking with it.
So ASO is not for you unless you have

  1. Patience
  2. A full app marketing plan
  3. The budget (yes, you need to pay for ASO services)
  4. A comprehensive social media strategy
  5. A launch plan
  6. A marketing team in house
  7. The budget to monitor your ranking and ASO updates
  8. A user retention plan
  9. A constant flow of reviews
  10. A long term plan