ASO Tools: Considerations – advanced features

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Choosing the Right ASO Tool: Advanced Features to Consider for Maximum Impact

App Store Optimization (ASO) tools are essential for tracking keywords and competitors in the competitive app market. However, some advanced features can significantly enhance your ASO efforts, allowing you to better understand your app’s development and growth potential. In this expert article, we will discuss the advanced features to consider when choosing an ASO tool, including search ads tracking, ASO reports, and localization support.

Advanced Features to Consider

  1. Search Ads Tracking: Some ASO tools include search ads tracking, which can complement your ASO efforts. By monitoring the keywords other app companies are bidding on, you can gain insights into the commercial intent of these keywords, helping you identify potential high-conversion keywords for your app.
  2. ASO Reports: Many ASO tools offer ASO reports, providing valuable guidance for those new to ASO or those seeking additional support in optimizing their app. These evergreen reports can help identify areas of improvement and offer actionable recommendations to enhance your app’s performance.
  3. Localization Support: A comprehensive ASO tool should support localization for screenshots, keywords, and product descriptions on Google Play. By customizing your app for users in different app stores, you can create a more personalized experience that resonates with your target audience.
  4. Accuracy and Flexibility: While ASO tools can provide valuable guidance, it is essential to approach their data with a healthy dose of skepticism. Analyze and test the data thoroughly to ensure its accuracy and relevance to your specific niche. Remember that you, as the app developer or marketer, are the expert in your field.


When choosing an ASO tool, it is crucial to consider advanced features like search ads tracking, ASO reports, and localization support. These features can greatly enhance your app’s development and growth potential. However, always remember that ASO tools should serve as guides and not the sole basis for your decision-making. By carefully analyzing and testing the data provided by these tools, you can ensure that you make informed decisions tailored to your app’s unique needs and niche.